Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Summer's first driving lesson

Summer had her first driving lesson yesterday. Clint bought a redneck truck complete with a rebel flag on the cab ceiling and no mufflers!!! So, we hopped in and took it for a spin in the back yard. Summer sat in Clint's lap and got to steer while he tried to spin out in the grass. It was fun although none of the pictures capture the fun it seemed like we were having.

Daddy got a phone call which ended the lesson.

My dad found a goose nest on the dock so we went to check it out. The mom and dad were very protective of their eggs and hissed at us when we got within a couple feet of it. They kept it up until we left the dock and they knew their babies were safe and sound.

Mother Goose guarding her eggs.
They were big eggs!!!
Dad is yelling at us!

Today was a good day. We just finished up a play date / dinner with Gavin and his family. It was very nice of them to bring us dinner - yummy pizza! Time for a little more Barney before we hit the sack. We've got three new videos to enjoy, but I think we will only be watching one right now.
BTW - Summer loves her new scrubs that my friend Lindsay got her. They are really cute and she has gotten lots of compliments on them. Don't you think she makes a cute little nurse???


bookloverforever. said...

Awww! haha i Love the truck and the geese :]

Kathie said...

I love the nurse scrubs!! The truck is too funny!! So good to see the great pictures and hear how well you are all doing!

Stephanie said...

I love the truck pics!!! Summer looks great! I'm keeping her in my prayers right now. so happy to know that you all are having alittle fun and enjoying the day right nwo :)

Stephycce said...

Loving the truck!
And those jammies are so cute!

Bridgett said...

Ha! Love the flag in the truck. LOL

Looks like such fun!


Tiffany said...

We used to have some geese that were very protective of their nest. They were so mean with all the hissing, but it is just a mother's duty to protect their babies, right? ;)