Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a cough

Summer has had a little cough since we got home from the hospital. I'm not sure what it is due to, but it has not been very bothersome. Just an occasional cough, cough. I am not too worried about it, but I am starting to get worried about her getting sick. Her counts are supposed to drop this weekend, and I don't really know what that means. I don't know if she is going to feel bad or just be highly susceptible to germs.

She gets another shot of chemo tomorrow and one next Friday too. Her radiation treatments start Monday and will go for 11 days, skipping the weekends. All of that "treatment" makes me a little nervous. The unexpected is so scary.

She is NOT enjoying her nightly shots. Yesterday, halfway through the day, she told me she didn't want a shot. Too bad, so sad. She's gotta get her shots. They help to stimulate her bone marrow so that it can do its job.

Tomorrow we also get to take antibiotics twice a day! That should be fun getting her to take the pink colored, grape flavored medicine. Oh the joy it brings me to give her medicine!!!

We have a sticker chart for Summer. Every time she takes medicine or gets a shot, she gets a sticker. When all the boxes are full, she gets to pick out a prize at the store. So far she has 4 stickers. By Monday morning, it is possible that she will have 15 stickers, maybe more if she needs nausea medicine. Luckily, I found some grape Benadryl chewable tablets. She hasn't had one yet, but we are going to try that next time we need some. I don't think the chemo she gets tomorrow is supposed to make her nauseous. So, thank God for that.

Well, my little girl wants me to go lay down on the couch with her, so I better get to her. Her baby "is staring at you" or rather me. :) Please continue to pray that God will keep her healthy as her counts drop.


the mol said...

I hope that Summer stays healthy! It's hard to say, because every patient is different, but when her white counts drop, you probably won't notice a change in her, yet she will be more susceptible to germs. How frustrating. When other counts drop (platelets/hemoglobin) you will be more likely to notice. Of course, it took the docs and nurses awhile to differentiate between our boy looking pale from low counts and the fact that he's just pasty-white anyway. So they look at him next to me--if he looks like me, he's probably still fine.

Bridgett said...

YOu know, I was just sitting here thinking, if she's going to be on antibiotics and all these other toxic meds, I think I'd want to protect her GI system.

I'd start her on probiotics ASAP. All it is is good gut bacteria, to replace all that the antibiotics wipe out. DEFINITELY something to think about. We don't want more stomach issues on top of the chemo induced nausea and vomiting.


ashleyjnc said...

Purple Food Coloring gel! No more pink :) Just use a toothpick to get a little out.. shake shake shake.. voila purple medicine! I know you probably don't want her to have artificial coloring in one way, but, man that would make life way easier!!