Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School days (post delayed a week)

Summer is loving the 1st grade.  She was so happy the first day she said she didn't even want to leave.  I am a happy mom to have her loving it so much when she initially was not thrilled at the thought of returning to school.  Last week, she had her first spelling test and got them all correct (see, is, have, the, can,and today).  She is learning about the human body and finds it pretty interesting I believe.  She was amazed that it takes a whole day for your food to go through your body.  Math homework is easy for her so far, and they have some every day Monday to Thursday.  They also have reading most days in the form of a decodable book.  Although homework is not her favorite part of the day, she has been good about doing it without a fight.

We had a great long weekend.  Friday after school we went bowling with the Lynch family and then to eat at Mellow Mushroom.  We topped our pretzels, calzones and pizza off with some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery....well Summer did.  I was a good girl and did not have any myself.  We let them burn a little more of their energy off at the playground afterwards.  It was a great time which I believe we will repeat again in a few weeks.
Saturday we were invited to a cookout a a friend's house.  We took Willow with us and the girls all played great together.  They had so much fun that Sidda ended up coming home with us for a sleepover.  They played dress up and the Wii for a while before I was finally able to wrangle them into bed around midnight.  They were up by seven o'clock the next morning when I heard them jumping off the bed.  I questioned Summer about the bed jumping after she came down and she was honest about it.  I'm so thankful for her honesty at this time and hope it continues as the years continue to pass.