Friday, March 20, 2009

A Good Night's Sleep

Summer and I both slept pretty good last night. I started off on the couch, but after she got up to pee around 1:00, I got in the bed with her. When she was on the toilet, she said, "My hair falls out when I pee." Man, I really wonder what is going through that little head of hers. She is obviously processing everything she hears and is trying to make some sense of it all. We had a good snuggly night and I did not toss too many times. Woo-hoo!

Yesterday Summer's sister and neice came to visit while we were waiting for a room. It was nice to see them. Amanda played with Summer in the little house they have in the waiting room. It was good to see them playing together since it does not happen very often. I got to entertain Lexie who is an absolute doll. Afterwards Amanda visited a few more people in the hospital. On her was home, Lexie vomitted all over herself. Then again when she got home. Amanda called asking for advice. I had her take her temp., but it was normal. I told her to feed her when she woke up and was hungry. She did and the baby vomitted again. :( I hope she eats this morning and is not sick. Who knows what she could've caught in this hospital??? Poor baby.

Summer and I had a good breakfast this morning while watching Curious George. I was hoping she would eat a little more since I am worried about how the rest of the day will go, but I don't want to push her to eat and have her refuse out of reflex. She had some cottage cheese, a slice of bacon (I didn't even know she liked bacon), and a few bites of biscuit. She refused the grapes I offered her, but would've gladly eaten every drop of butter on her plate if I would've let her. LOL What is it about butter that is so yummy to her anyway? It is so completely unhealthy.

She didn't eat much yesterday after our picnic where she ate only Cheetos and chocolate chip cookie cake with icing. She had a few goldfish around 3:00. No dinner. Last night the nurse offered her some icecream or a popsicle around 9:45. She agreed to some chocolate icecream which she ate most of, but shared some with me. :) Then I got her to eat a jar of spaghetti. Yes she STILL eats jars of baby food spaghetti (Delmonte stage 3 with noodles). It has always been her favorite. Of course she will eat spaghetti and meatballs too. Or homemade spaghetti. The girl is a true noodle lover. I wonder what she will feel like eating today.

Right now she is playing with playdough making me French fries. I taught her how to do make them last night and of course she just had to make some more today. She got some little playdough creation buckets and a 24 pack of playdough from my Bunco buddies. We brought the beach one with us so we are making starfish and all sorts of things this morning.

I'm going to get off here and play with her. She just had her second dose of Zophran and another anti nausea medicine. I am going to have to get her to take something orally this morning. Wish me luck with that! I sure hope it tastes good.


Stephanie said...

I am so happy you two had a restful night. Hope she will eat some for you today and everything goes smoothly. Thinking of you two and praying!

Bridgett said...

Yay for good sleep! :)

Sounds like so far, so good. Thinking of you guys everyday!


Simply Blessed said...

I'm so glad you had a restful day and evening. Good luck today. Looks like you're at a hospital full of amazing people who truly love the kids!

the mol said...

Glad you got some sleep!

Our medication trick: serve with honey! A little spoon of honey, dip the oral syringe in it, give mess, possibly giving a bit at a time and dipping each time, then finish with a bit more honey.

We are demons about infection control and encourage you to be the same. Everyone washes/sanitizes hands, no outside toys (presents are okay because they are new), shoes off if the little one plays on the floor and if so we have a a meanie if you have to so that your family can stay healthy.

Good luck!

Bridgett said...

Hey's the link where I bought that Super girl robe for Autumn. They're not expensive at all.

How did it go yesterday?

Stephycce said...

YAY for sleep!!