Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One more night

I just found out that we got a good nurse for our last night in the hospital. :) Then I saw the "bad" nurse walk by. It made me shudder thinking we could've got her. LOL

Summer got blood today since her hemoglobin was just above 7. Her platelets were down to 40,000 so there is a possibility she will be getting some tomorrow before we go home. Probably so if they are around 20,000. If so, I hope they get an early start on that. We have been invited to a private party at the zoo tomorrow night, and I want Summer and myself to get a good nap before that.

They never came up with any reason for Summer's fever so I guess I'll just chalk it up to being part of the process. Hopefully, the end of the process. She is still on shots which she has been fighting me a little on. We are almost through though. Maybe another week or so of them.

There have been 3 more pediatric cancer diagnosis' this week at the hospital. It is so crazy and sad to see "new people" in the oncology section of the floor. My heart feels for them and I want to comfort them. Cancer is such a bummer. Why, oh why, does it have to exist in this world? God please take it away! Just as we are finishing our journey, so many others are just starting theirs. Heartbreaking.

I guess I'm going to snuggle up to Summer and finish watching Barney with her. I am hoping she will want to watch "The Tigger Movie" after it ends, but I think she might be ready for bed. She told me she was before we started the Barney movie.

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts. I don't know how we woul'dve gotten through the past 8 months without them. Oh yeah, scans are on November 16, 18 & 20th. NED here we come!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 for 8

Summer is back in the hospital with a fever. Last night we watched TV together. As time passed, I noticed she was feeling progressively warmer. When she felt too warm, I got the cow thermometer and took her temperature. 102.5. Called the doctor. I thought for a second about giving her some Tylenol and waiting for the fever to return. Then I remembered that it was not worth the chance of it being something more serious and made the dreaded call. I was told to report to Children's 300. No surprise there.

After I got there, I had to go back down to the ER to give them my insurance information so we could get Summer into the computer system and treated. I waited and paced and waited and paced. Three phone calls from Summer later and I was headed back up to the room. I had left her one of my cell phones so she could call me if she needed me. Apparently, that was a good idea. :) The nurses went ahead and accessed her port even though I had not signed in. Of course, I didn't tell them because I wanted to get the party started. Just as they were starting a lady comes to ask me to go down again. Needless to say, they had to wait. Summer's port accessing was horrible. Wait, HORRIBLE!!! Not only did she repeat, "Don't do it Jamie. No, no! Don't do it!" But, the port did NOT work. The nurse was able to get a little blood, but then it stopped up. She couldn't push any fluids through it or pull any from it. Summer was in pain already because despite the numbing cream, I'm sure it still hurts. Then they are trying to wiggle it around, hoping to get it to do something. Nope. Summer was whimpering in pain and taking some deep breaths. Another nurse was called in and still nothing. They took it out. Then went and got another needle kit to try again. Nothing. They ordered some stuff to put in it and about an hour and half to two hours later they finally got it working. What an ordeal!

Summer was sleepy and feverish so she had been sleeping off and on throughout the process. After she was all set up and on the antibiotics, I finally crashed next to her. Oh yeah, before we left to go to the hospital she told me that when she was napping on the couch she had dreamed that she was going to get to sleep with me. :p Sometime after 11:00 p.m. she woke up and told me she was too hot. I went ahead and called for Tylenol since it was time and I had only given her a half a dose the first time because I was in too much of a hurry to get to the hospital. :( Anyway, I took her temperature which was 104.9 under the arm. OH MY! I went to the nurses station and told the first nurse I saw what it was. A few minutes later our nurse (who is one we have never had before), brought the Tylenol. I was already retaking her temperature, but this time it said it was 103.2. Needless to say, her fever broke a few hours later and I don't think she has run one since. They gave her a flu test which was negative. Also, her blood cultures are still negative as far as I know. Her hemoglobin did not bounce up too much after the transfusion yesterday and was only 7.3 today. So, she may get blood tomorrow if it does not recover. I think we will probably get out on Thursday, but that is only if no new symptoms develop. They say it could be a virus. They are watching to see if she develops a rash now. She is in good spirits and up and about so all is good for the time being.

This could possibly be her last stay in the hospital for a long while. God willing, forever. They are scheduling her a bone scan, MRI and CT scan for sometime in the next few weeks. I wish I could say I wasn't worried, but I am. I am scared to death. The relief I thought I would feel with the chemo being over hasn't come yet. Clint is due for scans too. I wonder if this has anything to do with my urge to devour anything and everything sweet I can. Hmmmm???

Monday, October 26, 2009

I've Got a Cling-On!

I could tell Summer's counts were low before we even made it to the clinic today. She has been super clingy to me since Friday. She ended up going to poker night with me on Saturday because the thought of being away from me brought her to tears. It turned out okay though because there was a little dog there for her to play with. Yesterday, we went to see the new puppy that Memaw and Nanny got her. When she saw the pictures on the phone that Memaw sent, she wanted to name it Bark. But, (luckily) when she saw the dog, she said her name was Scratch. She wanted to spend the night with Memaw, so I left her there. Later in the evening, I got a call from her. She was missing me so bad that she had Memaw and Nanny bring her home. That was a first for her (and hopefully a last). We had a good snugly evening together. She fell asleep in my bed and was transferred to her bed when Daddy came to bed. A few hours later, she was back. After a while, I took her back to her bed, but an hour or so later, she was back again. When she is feeling bad, I guess there is no place else like being with me. I'm enjoying all the snugly love though (although the whiny voice not so much). She is emotionally fragile when she does not feel good and the littlest things can bring her to tears. I can't wait until she is feeling better, but I'll enjoy the snuggling in the mean time.

She needed blood and platelets today. Her hemoglobin was 6.9 and her platelets were about 13,000. Her white counts are in the dumps too at .2. So, we will be staying at home this week trying to dodge the fever that will land us back in the hospital. Not sure if she will be up to trick or treating by the end of the week, but if she is not, we may just go to a trunk or treat at church. Or, we may even stay home. We'll just have to wait and see.

BTW - if you have not done so and would like to vote for Clint and Summer (or another picture) in The Look of Love themed photo contest, hop on over to this blog. They are picture #8, just in case you can't tell. :) To vote, you need to leave a comment on that post voting for them. Today is the last day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not usually a beggar, BUT

I would love some more votes for the picture of Clint and Summer I submitted for a "The Look of Love" themed picture contest. So, if you feel inclined please click on the link and leave a comment voting for them (or if you must, some other picture :[ LOL). They are picture #8. :) Happy voting.

In other news, I have four kids up and one still sleeping. Yep, I'm in a house with 5 kids willingly! I must say it is actually something of a treat because the bigger ones help keep Summer entertained so I can do other things. Of course, they think they can take care of the 1 year old too which I have decided is not such a good idea. Every time I turn around they've got her on the couch. Leave the baby on the floor!!!! The baby I am referring to is my grandbaby, Lexie. She is such a good baby, but you still have to watch her or she'll have a mouth full of marbles. She is also the only one that is still sleeping. The other kids are my sister's kids and Katie (a friend's daughter). They have been playing pretty awesomely together and the sleepover went about as smoothly as I could of hoped. I even got a little "me time" in the hot tub last night. :) I am ready to hand over two of the kids to my dad. I've had them since Thursday. I'm sure I will take Lexie home at some point today although I really hate to see her go. There's just something about having a baby in the house.

I am hoping Summer will want to sleepover at Paw-Paw's too, but I'll have to play my cards right. She has been wearing down the past few days and seems to be feeling puny at times. She is still eating even though she is not taking the Zophran like clockwork. I forgot to bring her swish medicine with us to the lake, so I really hope she doesn't have any mouth sores pop up over the weekend. I better get off here and tend to Summer. She's on the couch sucking her thumb.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pose for the camera

Summer's pumpkins from this year
The multi-faced pumpkin .......

Summer is happy to decorate some luminaries at the Relay for Life in Trenton.
Summer and Noah led the first lap. Somehow I managed to sneak ahead after it started because she would not do it without me!
short video
We brought her tricyle which she rode a few laps.

In case you can't tell, this is a cat. :)

Another cat by Summer. The rainbow was done by Mason and the picture under that by Willow. The kids sure did enjoy decorating these!
Memaw got lots of exercise playing with Summer. Spinning around, dancing, duck, duck, goose, and more!!!!
Fun, fun, fun!!!
Me and my mom
Summer holds the torch in honor of her and her dad. Good thing it wasn't on fire! LOL
My mom and Haleigh (the daughter of my aunt, Beth, who passed from breast cancer)
time to paint pumpkins
The sheep at the Autumn Children's Festival were so soft!
The bunnies were soft too, of course.
The cow, not so soft.
Nope, not that soft!
Climbing the slide
Smiling with anticipation
There she goes...!
She was feeling good!
She did not like the oatmeal creme pie after a few bites.
Lexie, on the other hand, loved it!
Eyes closed and ready for paint.
Time to be crafty
She's a cat
Leah watches
Having a sleepover with Leah
watching TV with Leah
She LOVES this dress!
The horse was one of her favorites at Chuck E Cheese (when I finally got her on it).
She carried this whole package all the way to the car when we picked it up from the Ronald McDonald House. It was big, but she was so excited to get it!
She just had to take a picture of me which turned out okay so I'll share it.
Notice the pillow she is trying to lay Leah on.
Sleeping off the chemo drugs and working her thumb into a bloody mess. Literally.
All done now! Time to play!
The pumpkin sword was a hit. Thank you Angel Sarah!
She voluntarily posed for me in her car seat. Yay!
She LOVES her new dress. So much that she wore it two days in a row!!!
Bubble bath hairdo
She's going bald! LOL
From the back
Hope you enjoyed these!