Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat

Last night we took Summer to the mall to Trick or Treat.  She had a good time and didn't even mind wearing her costume.  She wasn't too sure about walking up to people and getting stuff put in her pumpkin until she realized it was candy.  Then she got really excited.  She would sit down in the floor when she wanted to pick out of piece of candy for us to open.  It was so cute.  People kept saying, "Look at the bunny!"   She was scared of the witch at the Hallmark store and Clint said she jumped when she saw her.  I was busy trying to capture her trick-or-treating their and missed it.  It was fun for us all and I am glad we decided to go. 

Of course we let her play on the playground before we left.  She kept saying "play" when we were going through the mall.  She knew what was coming.  She really enjoys the playground they have there and I must say it is really nice.  I can't wait until Wednesday.  We are going to a friend's neighborhood to let Summer trick-or-treat a little more.  Not that she needs anymore candy... 

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tag! I’m it!

Sunny tagged me for a meme!

4 jobs I've had: 1. Lifeguard at a state park.  2. Subway  3. bartender at several different bars  4. Contract specialist at UnumProvident

4 movies I could watch over and over: 1. Dirty Dancing  2.  Tombstone  3. Shag the Movie  4. Legends of the Fall

4 TV shows I watch:  1. Desparate Housewives  2. Brothers and Sisters  3. Grey's Anatomy  4. Sesame Street...LOL

4 places I have lived: 1. Trenton, GA  2. Kennessaw, GA  3. Soddy Daisy, TN  4. Chattanooga, TN

4 foods I love: 1. Lasagne  2.  Bean burritos from Las Margaritas  3. Chicken wings from Outback  4. dessert - preferebly chocolate  ;)

4 favorite colors: Pink, Purple, Aqua, Black

4 places I would love to be right now: 1. Mexico   2. On a beach   3. Las Vegas  4. Movies

4 names I love but could/would not use for my children: 1. Caprice  2. Romeo  3. Casanova  4. Reita

I am tagging: Amy

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My little thinker

Summer is really into figuring things out right now.  She has figured out how to open doors...even the door to the balcony from the outside which is higher than inside....MUST LOCK DOORS NOW!!!  She also likes to buckle things.  Such as my camera bag, her stroller lap belt, highchair buckles -- pretty much anything that buckles or snaps into place.  She can buckle them, but she can't unbuckle them yet.  We are working on that, but she will need a little more strength to get some of them unbuckled.  It is not unusual to walk up on her trying to buckle or unbuckle any of these things.  She is very curious as to how things work and does a pretty good job of figuring things out.

She knows where the tissues are kept and loves to take them out one at a time and then shred/spread them on the living room floor...LOL.  Oh yeah, and I have a garbage full of toilet paper too from where she keeps getting a roll out and then "rolls" my house.  Too bad there are no trees in our condo! 

I have found her on two separate occasions with ink on her belly.  Yes, my girl's an artist!  I'm just glad she hasn't started on the walls yet.  She will scribble on any piece of paper she can get her hands on.  Oh, and let's not forget books.  Oh yeah, and CARPET!!!  Luckily it does not show up on our carpet.  :) 

She really gets into everything.  But, lucky me, she is also a happy and good spirited little girl (yes, LITTLE GIRL) when she is not testing me.  I have noticed the past few days she has started to test me to see if I really mean what I say.  And I am proud to say, that I am sticking to my word.  I did put her down for a nap the other day when she spilled all her ponytail holders out on the floor a second time and would not pick them up.  I told her to pick them up and even tried to help her, but she didn't believe me.  Hopefully, she will learn to obey sooner than later.  I know she is not even 1 1/2 yet, but she does understand what I say.  That I am sure of. 

She knows how to throw things in the garbage and obeys most simple commands.  She knows what ice cream is - of course.  It is funny to see her reactions when you tell her or ask her something.  It is easy to see if she means Yes or No.  I am still reinforcing the "Yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am" and she tries to say them.  She did learn the word no about a week and a half ago.  She has not used it repeatedly yet though so I am still feeling good about that. 

She really is a good girl.  And I love her so much.  I don't know what I would do without her in my life.  She is truly a source of happiness that I treasure every day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Windy Week at the Beach

We are at the beach this week in Savannah, GA.  It has been windy every day and it actually rained a bit today.  There is a play ground about a block away from our townhouse which has been really nice for Summer.  We have taken her to play on it every morning and she is really enjoying it. We went to the library today for story time which was a first for myself and Summer.  She did not really pay attention to the book, but she did like the songs.  It was the first time she actually stomped her feet during the song "If You're Happy and You Know It."  She is still not a big fan of the beach.  It doesn't help that it is windy as can be, but I did finally get her to sit on her towel and play with the shell-covered sand (broken shells...).  She did that for a good thirty minutes or so before we decided to head back in.  Actually the reason we headed in was because I noticed sand in her ear from all the wind blowing I guess.  I tried to get her to wear a hat, but she refused so we headed back to our rental.  She will not put her feet in the sand at all.  Oh well....

My best friend and her family are down here so there are two other kids Summer's age for her to play with.  That has been fun for Summer too.  I, of course, am happy to just be at the beach.  I wish we were able to get in the pool for a bit, but so far the sun has not really been on my side.  We are going sightseeing tomorrow so that should be fun.  My in laws are down here with us and they, along with Clint, have been enjoying the bikes that came with our rental.  We went for a walk tonight after dinner and it was nice.  We even walked out to the beach even though it was dark and still very windy.  I hope tomorrow brings the sun, but the weatherman is calling for rain.