Thursday, March 31, 2011

They'll never forget Barney

Or, will they?

Summer and Lexie both loved going to see Barney. They danced and jumped and smiled. Summer also did some pretty intense thumb sucking during the second half. I'm not sure what we are going to do about that, but I think she might even be doing it even more lately. I guess there is nothing we can really do but wait it out anyway. She said she was going to be too old when she was five last month when I asked her. Now, she's not sure that five is going to be the cut off. It's hard to be patient about her quitting sometimes because you don't want your child to be the 10 year old sucking their thumb. But, I guess it really is okay if they do. Two of my aunts sucked their thumbs until they were in high school, and they both turned out to have really good careers and make something for themselves. They are not backwards in the least bit, except for the fact one of them didn't know what draft beer was a few years back. But, I guess that was just innocence which is also a good trait.

Anyway, back to the show. Summer just had to have a Barney shirt on the way into be seated. She chose blue over white. Lexie was wearing Summer's only other Barney shirt. I was so happy when she picked it out of Summer's closet and Summer didn't say no. I would've let her where it anyway, but Summer has come a long way in the sharing department. They still drive me crazy with their "mine"'s sometimes, but I try to halt that rather quickly by asking them not to argue and to be nice. Still, it happens though and the process of teaching them what is and isn't okay continues. It's not the funnest part of being a parent, but a necessary one. Lexie was really proud of the shirt and stuck her belly out to show it off to Pop and PawPaw. Summer put hers on over her clothes, and they were all decked out in Barney gear and ready for a good time. Lexie even brought the Barney that sings "I love you, you love me" with her. For the first part of the performance, Lexie kept him tucked under one arm. The rest of the show he sat in one of our seats. The little boy in front of us had a smaller version that did not sing. He kept eyeballing ours and wanting to play with it.

They were both all smiles when Barney came out on stage. I hope I got at least a few good pics, but it was dark and they weren't facing me so we will see when I get them uploaded. Several times they shots streamers and confetti into the crowd and the girls loved to gather it up and bring it to me to save for later use. They crawled around in the floor in the front of the auditorium and had a grand time cleaning up. They've got a bag full colorful fun that we will be making some sort of craft out of whenever Summer discovers it in the craft cabinet.

I'm pretty sure Summer is up right now. I just heard a door open and close. I figure it was her because she is the only one that re-shuts the bedroom door when they leave the bedroom, besides me. I just called out "Summer" and got a "Yes?" So, times up for me right now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barbies and hats

Here are a few pics of Summer dressing up in hats and playing Barbie with Lexie. I wish I had time to add more, but I do not. So, enjoy these pics of my precious angels.

The kids loved our trip to playworld down under last week, especially the merry-go-round.

Summer loves to take pics of herself. I guess I can thank her big sister for turning her onto that.

Barney's Birthday Bash

Tonight we are taking Summer and Lexie to Barney's Birthday Bash. I think I may be as excited as they are, possibly even more. This morning we watched Barney in Concert, and I just had to dance along with them. I hope we get to do that tonight too. Yep, I guess I sound pretty sad a grown woman enjoying Barney, but I know the girls are going to be smiling and having a good time and I just can't wait to see their faces when Barney comes on stage. Lexie has been snuggling one of the Barney dolls we have since she came over yesterday. She just loves to sing the "I love you" song that it plays and even serenaded Clint, Summer and myself last night at dinner. She would look at one of us and say I love you, and then another you love me. It was too cute, and she was precious as always.

Over the weekend, Summer got attend a grand baby sleepover at Memaw's house. She and her cousins had two whole nights together and Summer said she didn't sleep at all, but I have a hard time believing that. She did fall asleep in my lap at church on Sunday morning which was the sweetest thing. She even slept through the last song, and I was singing my heart out too. I had to wake her to tell her it was over and she hopped up and then fell over still drowsy. After church, she and the other youth practiced their songs that they were going to be singing at St. Elmo Courts after lunch. We headed to Mr. T's where everyone but Summer ate pizza. She had chicken wings. Her buddy from church, Sidda, was there and they played with bouncy balls that Sidda kindly bought for her friends using her own money. They took the bouncy balls to the Senior community too and played with them while they waited for the festivities to start. The kids all made bookmarks and some senior citizens showed up to make them too. Most of the kids left theirs for the seniors, but my little princess had to bring hers home. I told her we could use it in the nursery rhyme book since it is so big and we could never read it all in one night. Of course, it is still in the car. :)

Yesterday, we had an early morning tea party. We ate strawberries and girl scout cookies while we sipped our tea. We had a choice of cream, sugar and butter to put in our tea. I chose cream and sugar, and she chose butter and sugar. I think she was just trying to get my goose, but it was ok because all of the serving containers were really just full of water. After we were done eating, we played Bingo with Eddie. We played it the night before too, and I guess she just didn't get enough of it. She won every time we played except the last. She had two other games laid out at the end of our place mats (which she made out of construction paper glued end to end) for us to play. They were Guess Who and I Remember. Sadly, we didn't have enough time to play them before we had to run out and meet up with her daddy. On a good note, Summer did get to eat at Friday's where she wanted to eat the day before. She loves their bruschetta chicken pasta. She ate some of my Italian wedge salad which we both agreed was delicious and hogged most of the Oreo madness we had for dessert. It's ok though because her daddy and I are trying to be good so we can have our beach bodies ready for vacation. He, as usual, was better than I and did not have any dessert at all.

Afterwards, Summer and her daddy played while I napped. She decided she could do without one, even though she had swimming lessons at 5:00. Around 4:00, I was kind of regretting my decision to not make her nap, but she did awesome at swimming lessons so I guess it was not the worst decision of the day (maybe that was eating dessert). When we arrived at swimming lessons, there were no goggles in the pool room like there always have been. She refused to go under the water without them and we almost left. But, being the supermom that I am, I found some and she happily joined in with what the instructor was telling them to do. When her daddy and I returned to watch the last 5 minutes, she swam all the way across the endless pool doing the stroke they had learned that day. We were so proud of her. Clint is wanting to get her into tennis or golf lessons. Not sure she is up for either, but she verbally said she wanted golf lessons when we gave her the options. There is no telling what she will end up taking, if either. But, I am excited to see what her future brings. I love watching her grow up every day and wouldn't know what to do without her. She's my sunshine!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All the colors of the rainbow

We spent most of the day yesterday hanging out at the house. Summer got to enjoy her PawPaw's company while I did some things around the house. She loved playing with him outside drawing pictures with chalk and riding bikes around the driveway. She will not go out in the street right now which is probably a good thing anyway. At least I know I don't have to worry about her taking off and getting ran over, right? She has had a couple of topples the last few days, a few of which were on the street, and her knees are not looking their best right now. We can't find her knee and elbow pads anywhere. We have been searching though and I'm sure they will turn up eventually, probably sooner if I go out and buy some new ones. :)

Yesterday, when we were in Walmart, she saw a bell for a bike on a helmet we walked past. Of course, now she wants one. I thought I got her one for Christmas, but if so it got lost before I gave it to her. Her birthday is coming up though so I guess I can add it to the list of a million things she wants. What she needs is a different story all together, but as they say, "out with the old, in with the new." It's time to donate some toys again!

I can't believe she is almost 5 years old. It's such a milestone: old enough to have to go to school. But, at least she is ready now. I told her yesterday she had to wear uniforms to school and she did not seem too excited. She definitely has her own fashion sense and likes to pick out what she wants to wear. I, on the other hand, am relieved it won't be a big hassle everyday. I don't actually know what the uniforms are exactly, but I hope to find out soon so I can start looking for them.

This morning when Summer got up, I asked her if she had some bad dreams because I thought I heard her cry out a few times in the night. She said she didn't remember any bad dreams. She did remember having one about a unicorn. She is drawing a picture of one for her book right now. The other day she started a book that will be filled with pictures that she colors. Now it looks like there will be drawings in the book too. I'm not sure if she decided she was going to make a book because I outlawed tearing pages out of coloring books a while back or if she really just wanted to make a book. She has made a few books before so I wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter. She picked out a yellow folder for the cover of the book from the rainbow of options we had. I'm sure it will be full of masterpieces in no time. PawPaw has made some contributions as well. He and Summer love to color and paint together.

Well, it looks like she is taking a break from the unicorn. Time for breakfast. I wonder what she will eat today. Grilled cheese, turkey sandwich, sausage biscuits? With my luck, probably none of the above. One things is for sure, she won't be eating the blueberry pancakes I'm making for myself and my dad. She says she doesn't like them.

P.S. All the colors of the rainbow is Summer's favorite color :D

Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls day out

This morning Summer woke up and crept down the stairs like she usually does holding a squirming puppy. Trixie has been sleeping with her more and more the past two weeks. I am hoping there have been no accidents in the bed (from the dog) and so far I have seen no signs of any. I guess she sleeps through the night and holds it. So every morning she is super wound up and ready to go out for a potty break and Summer carries her down to me so I can supervise and dole out treats for pee and poop. I think we are porgressing in the potty training for her; Lexie, on other hand, is a different story. Candy has seemed to lose it's appeal although at times she will request to go in order to get a piece. I hope these doggie treats don't lose their charm too!

After a little snuggling, Summer decided that she wanted to do mosaics with me. When we sat down at the table, she changed her mind and decided she wanted to write the words that go with the pictures on the flashcards we made last week. That seemed like a more educational idea to me anyway, so I went with it. After going through about 6 cards, she was done and ready for breakfast. She ate on a bowl of cereal and then hopped in the shower with me. She washed her own hair and bathed herself. When she got out, she picked out her outfit for the day and then brushed her own hair. I swear she becomes more and more independent every day. I commented to her that one day she won't even need me at all anymore except for kisses and hugs and she smiled and agreed. When her hair was all smoothed out, she looked for a hairbow. The headband she wanted was no where to be found so she went without until we got to the car and she spotted a white headband in the floor. Not the white head band, but one that would do.

We cranked up the "cool car" and headed to meet up with some friends for a playdate at Pump It Up. We also decided we would hit the mall and shop for hairbows. We mentioned getting our nails done too, but we never got around to it. On the way to meet the Lippards, Summer chose Miley Cyrus for our listening pleasure. She really wanted the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, but we couldn't find the tape in the car so she picked something off of her Ipod. We met up with our friends at Barnes & Noble. Summer scored a Justin Bieber puzzle and an oatmeal raisin cookie before we left. As we walked through the mall, we spotted a hairbow stand. Summer picked herself out a metal head band with purple flowers on it. She didn't want any ribbon bows, although several animal print ones caught her eyes. The only other thing she wanted was a comb-type hairbow, but her hair is too fine to hold it at this point. At our next stop, we found some sparkly silver flip-flops that matched the shoes I was wearing. It was kind of a coincidence because she had told me this morning she wanted some shoes like mine. She also spotted some animal print sunglasses, but they were too big. She settled for sparkly, rainbow colored butterfly ones. I hope she wears them because usually she doesn't. If you ask her, she will say she always wears them though. Not true!

We stopped in the food court and Summer chose teriyaki chicken and white rice for lunch. After the kiddos were all fueled up, we headed to Pump It Up. They jumped and bounced and slid. Alicia and I even got in with them for a little while and played some games. We did Ring Around the Rosies which left us all smiling. We tossed balls and played tag. It was lots of fun and good exercise too.

Our playdate continued onto a consignment sale where we found several things we just couldn't pass up. Summer got some new books and movies - Bambi, Pinnochio, E.T., and a few Barbie movies. We didn't find many clothes she couldn't live without, only two shirts and a skirt. Summer wanted to check out the shoes before we left and I agreed even though she has 0% need for any more shoes right now. We got out without getting any toys or shoes which was awesome. Summer was way past ready to leave before we were out the door, but we did eventually make it out and said good-bye to our friends.

She spent her evening riding bikes and playing with her Daddy. She wanted tacos for dinner so I whipped some up and we all ate like pigs. Summer and I had 3 tacos each. We all watched E.T. together before bed. Summer only wanted to watch half, but she ended up making it all the way through it with a brief "bop it" game somewhere during the middle. "Bop it" in our house is played with a blue balloon that has somehow been inflated for months. Summer says how you play is to "keep the balloon up in the air and don't let it touch a thing except the ceiling." She seems to like it more than anyone else does. :)

We ended the day reading two Manners Always Matter books that she picked. They were "Excuse Me" and "Thank You." Wouldn't it be nice if everyone used those words? I left her and Trixie snuggled up in bed and hopefully drifting off into sweet dreams.

Acceptance Letters

Over the weekend, we got letters telling us that Summer got accepted into both The Bright School and St. Peter's Episcopal School. Needless to say, I'm happy and proud. Clint and I had both already decided pretty much on St. Peter's, but I asked Summer which school she wanted to go to anyway. She said the second one she visited, so we are all in agreement on where she will be attending school next year. Now we just have to send in a deposit, and we will be sitting pretty. We are not exactly sure why she likes this school better. Just in case it was the playground, I told her that they playground she enjoyed on visiting day wasn't the playground she would normally be playing on when in school. It is mostly for the preschoolers, but the teachers said they do occasionally visit it since the kids like it so much. The older kids have another playground that neither one of us has yet to see. I think we might do a drive by sometime this week and check it out. She still did not seem detered from her desire to go to school so that's good news too.

We attended a Vice family dinner yesterday. She really enjoyed seeing her cousins, as I did mine. Together, they checked out the loft in the new pavilion my uncle built. They played with Trixie, taking turns walking her on her leash through the woods. It was more like her running them, but whatever. After they left, she and I played a bean bag toss game. Then she headed to my grandad's newly plowed pasture to look for arrowheads with Memaw and Nanny. Her daddy and I caught up with them as they walked through they pasture searching. Summer had her pockets filled with flint as we walked back to the car. To her delight, it wasn't through the "bumpy" pasture where she started the hunt for remnants left from when Indians lived on the land. She was very thirsty when we got back to the car and told her Memaw she wished she had a bottle of water to drink, claiming she would drink it all and not share it if she had it. Unfortunately, the water leftover from breakfast was hot, as was the bottle of Propel we found. I did have some tea left over from lunch which was cool, but not as cold as she wanted it to be. She did, however, drink it and then asked why we didn't have an ice cold drink in the car. Yep, I guess she is just a little bit high maintenance. I think she gets that from her daddy. Or, maybe it is because I have always pretty much waited on her hand and foot. Usually when she wants something to drink, she asks for "ice cold water." I've been told Nanny makes the coldest water around. I think it's because she shakes it up before she gives it to her. She rarely complains if it is not actually ice cold, but that is the way she asks for it. At bed time, she likes to have a drink of water before she goes to sleep. I usually forget to bring it up with us so one, or both, of us has to trek back to the kitchen for it. She almost always asks for it though so you'd think I would just make it a habit and carry it up with me.

Her favorite bedtime story right now is "The Chicken of the Family." We have read it the past 3 nights, and one night, when I wasn't too tired, twice. When I picked out the book the first night, she was not excited to hear it. But, she quickly found out that it was a book she liked. One of the other books we read at night right now are "Lull-a-bye, Little One." Both she and Lexie enjoy that one. Also, "Baribie: On Her Toes" is one they both pick. It is a step into reading level 1 book and Summer can mostly read it. Some of it is memorization I'm sure, but she definitely is learning to recognize/read some words. That is so exciting to me because I loved to read as a child and still have a lot of the books I grew up reading. I wonder if she will love it too.

The past few days, she has rediscovered her Leapster. I got her a new game, "Animal Genius," at a consignment sale a few weeks ago. I found it over the weekend and gave it to her to play. She enjoyed it and even got her daddy to play with her for a while. I'm glad she enjoys playing the games on it, but I'm also glad that she is not so addicted to it that she won't put it down. The games are educational which is great for her, but so is playing outdoors which she also loves.

Today, we've got a playdate lined up at Pump It Up with Liliana and Laila. I can't wait to see the smiles on their faces and also catch up with my friend Alicia. I feel so fortunate that a lot of my friends had kids when I did. It works out really good at keeping us from losing touch with one another for too long. Plus, the kids always have a good time together. And, that's what I call a win-win!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday cake

Yesterday, Summer and I were heading to a birthday party with Lexie and I asked Summer what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. I named off different flavors and she told me she wanted a cake batter cake. I asked her where she had one at, and she didn't know. I told her I wasn't sure how to make that kind of cake so she explained. First, she said, we need to make an angel food cake. Then we go to Cold Stone and get some cake batter ice cream. Then she old me we needed to warm the ice cream up in the microwave. Then we put it in the fridge for "6 minutes" and it will be icing. After the icing is ready, we put it on the cake and viola - cake batter birthday cake. I just love her imagination.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Get your tickets

Last weekend we took the kids to the Ringling Brother's Barney & Bailey Circus. They had a great time and were dazzled with all of the performances. Their friends, Willow, Harper, Gavin and Nicholas came too and we all sat in the first row of the gold circle - our favorite seats at the arena. The magic tricks were awesome and truly magical. There were some really cool stunts performed by cats and dogs. I think Lexie enjoyed those the best. She did not really care for the loud music and kept her hands on her ears for a lot of the show. Summer's favorite part was the motorcycle with a man and two woman balancing while riding on a tight rope. We managed to get away without buying any souvenirs which disappointed Summer. It is crazy how much they charge for their spinning light-up toys - $20!!! We did bring along the hat she got with her cotton candy at the circus the year before which she wore for part of the show.

The girls will get to attend Barney's birthday bash later this month. The tickets were pricey at $110 for the 4 of us, but I know the girls will really enjoy it. They have both always been big Barney fans although we no longer watch Barney everyday. For a while, Lexie wanted to watch it non-stop, but over the past few months we have definitely seen a drop in her requesting to watch it. We may only get in one or two episodes a week. She still loves toting around the Barney dolls and got a new one today from a bag of toys a little girl gave to Summer. I'm not sure exactly who the girl is, but I think one of her parents might work with my mom. She is 4 years old and has a picture of Summer on her nightstand. My mom told me she prays for Summer every night. She made Summer a card to go with the toys. It was a very sweet gesture and I think I will have Summer write her a thank you card. Maybe one day they will get to meet and play together.

Well, the girls are wanting to get in the hot tub. Oh what little fish they are!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outdoor fun and a check up

Summer is outside planting some trees with her PawPaw. She loves being outdoors and will probably be having the time of her life tonight when she goes to her Memaw's. I know the clubhouse that my dad built for us kids years ago will be fun for her and Lexie. Add to that some beautiful weather and it will truly be a paradise for Summer at least. Earlier this week Summer helped me plant some seeds to see if we can grow some pretty flowers in the pots we have. I am hoping they will start sprouting sometime next week so she can see the fruits of her labor.

The girls have been thoroughly enjoying the hot tub. Summer swims around like a little fish and seems to lost all fear of going under water. I am so happy with the swimming lessons she took and how much she progressed in the two sessions. She asked yesterday when they start up again and if she was going to have a new teacher. She'll find out in a week or two when her advanced beginner classes start. I am really thinking about getting her a swim cap, but I never seem to get around to shopping. That is not usually a fun task with two kids in tow and we never seem to have time either. There are just too many other things to do with them.

Summer had a port flush this week. She was a little squirmy when the nurse was accessing her port. She still sits in my lap when she is accessed/deaccessed. I don't think it really hurts since the area is numbed, but I know it is not like a trip to the playground either. Luckily, the rest of the clinic time is usually spent doing something fun like making a craft or playing with toys. She and Lexie had blast playing and having some chocolate pudding for a treat. They draw blood for a CBC when they access the port and all of her blood counts came back good. She doesn't have any problems that we know of from the treatment she received in 2009. She will have another CT scan in June and another in September. Then in December she has an MRI, Echo and EKG too. After that, she has no more CT scans or MRI's. She will go for chest xrays for a few years though and they will monitor her heart yearly too. The children's hospital has just gotten a new CT scanner for the kids. This means they will be getting less radiation when they have their scans which is awesome. Emily's Power For a Cure raised the money and bought it. Summer will have her first scan in it next month. I can't wait to see it even though scans are not a fun time for us.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A change of heart

This past week was a big week for Summer with 3 trips to school. On Monday she went to a kindergarten assessment at the Bright School. She was not excited at all about going, but did end up having a good experience. I'm not sure exactly what they did, but she said they counted and drew stuff. The following day she visited a classroom for 2 hours. When we got there, she was not excited again. We walked down to the classroom and were pleasantly surprised when we saw her teacher from summer camp last year. She remembered Summer and greeted her cheerily with a big hug and I was off. I am glad I got to slip out so easily and while she had a smile on her face. When I came to pick her up, she was happy to see me. She had done several crafts/projects and had a bag full of things to bring home. She was very excited about the paper that had her name, "Summer Cobb," written on it so we may hang it on her door. She seemed to have enjoyed the day, but was still not liking the idea of school. On Friday, she had a classroom visit at St. Peter's. When we pulled into our parking space, she started pretending she was asleep. I thought she was just pretending to not feel good, but she told me later what she was actually doing. She was "nervous," all the while Lexie was excited to be getting to visit a classroom too. We were welcomed with some fruit and cake. Summer munched on strawberries and strawberry cake while Lexie ate apple slices. They both sipped on the Capri suns that were offered until it was time for them to head to their classrooms. Lexie was up and ready to go before Summer, but Summer was actually taken first. She walked down the hall with her head drooping and it made me a little sad. I walked behind her, unbeknown st to her, watching her sulk down the hallway. After I dropped Lexie off in the 3 year old classroom, I went to check on Summer. I'm not sure if it was more for me or her because I actually felt a little empty knowing I wasn't going to see her for a few hours. This will be an everyday thing come the fall, and I'm sure I will adjust quickly. Just as she will to going to school. I left the school not knowing what to do for two hours with no kiddos to tend to, but that time was quickly spent on the Internet booking airline tickets for my family. I fully intended to buy tickets to Barney too, but I ran out of time. When I picked the girls up, they were playing on the playground having an awesome time. It was such a relief to see them having so much fun. I talked to their teachers and both got great reports. Summer's teacher thought she was already in school which made me feel good. When I asked Summer if she liked it, she said she did. She liked it better than the classroom visit earlier this week. The biggest surprise of all was that when we left, Summer had changed her mind about school. She now says she is ready for school and can't wait until it starts. I am hoping they can both get into this school because they both loved it and so did Clint and I. I am not really looking forward to the restrictive aspect school will place on traveling and just everyday life in general, but I'll get over it. The girls will learn so much and I'll still get them every afternoon and on weekends. I sure do love having them in my life.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun and changes

Summer and Lexie went to a tea party birthday party for their friend Karlie last weekend. They had a great time. There were flowery hats, feather boas and lots of jewelry for them to wear while they enjoyed jelly beans, miniature marshmallows, fruit, heart shaped sandwiches and cookies. They sipped on punch and pink lemonade and only one little girl actually asked where the tea was. The girls got to decorate their own little heart shaped cake with icing and sprinkles. They had freshly spun cotton candy which was also a real treat. There was a tea pot shaped pinata full of candy for them to take turns trying to bust open. They left with plenty of goodies in hand. I'm starting to feel like I am taking the easy way out by having Summer's birthday party at a playground, but that is what she has chosen.

We also went to the Discovery Museum over the weekend to enjoy the Western Day they had for preschool age kids. There were saddles to mount and wanted posters to color. In fact, there were so many different crafts to do we didn't even do them all. They had a snack for the kids to make with a slice of bread, green cream cheese, a horse cookie cutter to cut for a slice of American cheese and pretzel sticks. You put all those things together and you've got a horse in a fenced pasture. It was a cute idea. Summer only ate the pretzel sticks, but Lexie ate some of the sandwich too. She absolutely adores cheese, especially "orange cheese" as she calls it. Summer will only eat Colby jack sometimes, but never a slice of American or string cheese. Her eating habits sure do change a lot it seems. Her favorite cereal is strawberry frosted mini-wheats. She loves sausage and biscuits for breakfast. Her favorite pop-tart flavor right now is blueberry. It used to be strawberry. She loves fruit and especially when I hand feed her grapefruit. She has even started eating bananas again recently. A favorite of both girls is blackberries. They will gobble them up in no time. She does not like green beans, or "string beans" as she calls them, anymore. She will still eat broccoli and insists she only likes corn on the cob -- not off. Chili is something she and Lexie both love whether we get it from Wendy's or if I make it myself. She loves the pop-ice kind of Popsicles and blue and green are her favorite colors to eat, followed by red. Lexie always wants yellow. Summer doesn't like the healthy real fruit ones that I buy. She will eat them sometimes, but not often. They taste a lot more fruity in my opinion, but I guess sugary sweet is just as good to kids. She won't hardly eat spaghetti with sauce on it anymore, but will usually eat it plain with Parmesan cheese. She used to eat jarred baby food spaghetti a few times a day, but that was years ago now. She's getting so big and changing more and more every day. Her favorite restaurants are Longhorn and Olive Garden. She prefers Krystal cheeseburgers to any other fast food burger. I could go on and on, obviously. But, that might bore some of you so I'll stop.