Friday, December 30, 2005

Thinking about names

Clint and I have been thinking about names this week.  Originally, I liked the names Summer Rose or Summer Angel.  Then, I found a name that was different and that I really liked -- Caprice.  It is an Italian name which I also like because my husband is half Italian.  I also like it because I don't know anyone with that name, and she wouldn't have to worry about having 5 other people in her class named the same thing (like I did...not saying I don't like my name because I do...a lot).  I was stuck on that name for a while, and it is still on my list.  But, a few days ago Clint and I were looking online at names, and I saw the name Jewel (for a middle name).  Clint really liked it.  So, the name he and I are looking at right now is Summer Jewel Cobb.  It is not for sure, but right now we call her Summer until something else comes along...if it does.  Our little Summer has been kicking or stretching or whatever it is she is doing when I feel her a lot lately.  Clint thinks he might have felt her move this morning for the first time.  I woke up and felt her moving, so I grabbed his hand and put it on my stomach so he could feel her too.  He said he thought he felt it unless it was just my stomach growling or something else moving which it wasn't (she just kicked me again!!!). 

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Shopping for my little girl

Well, now that Christmas is over, I have bought several things for the baby (not that I didn't get a few things last week  I found two outfits that she will be able to wear next winter that were half price, so I had to buy them.  One is a red Christmas outfit which I hope she can wear next year.  The size is 6 months, so I am hoping she will still be able to wear it even though she will be 7 months old.  They did not have a bigger size, but it was so cute I that I had to go ahead and get it.  I'm not sure how sizes work exactly, and I am not even sure that they work a certain way.  It probably all depends on the baby.  I also bought some washcloths that are Christmas colors and came with a little reindeer sponge.  I got her a pair of sandals, too, which are also adorable.  They are a size 1, so I don't know if they will fit either, but I guess I will see.  It is hard to pass up stuff that is on clearance...and is cute.  Today, I bought her a Christmas present for next year.  It is a puppet dog that you squeeze the mouth together and it barks a song. I think she will enjoy it, if not I guess I will.  I am really excited when I find cute things on sale, and it is hard for me to pass them up.  I hope I can control myself, but it is very hard.  I have also started registering online at two different places - Wal-Mart and Babies-R-Us.  It is hard to pick out somethings online, and I am sure I will have to go into a store eventually to pick out some things.  Tonight Clint and I looked at strollers.  It is really hard to pick something like this out online...or carseats...or highchairs.  I am ready to start picking out stuff for the nursery, even though we really don't have one yet.  It is hard to pick out what theme I want to go with in the room...sometimes there are too many choices.  But, it is fun looking.  Okay, I guess that is it.  I have felt the baby moving quite a bit today, so that makes me feel good.  Maybe I'll be able to return the doppler next month...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's a GIRL!!!

We went to the doctor today and had the ultrasound of the baby at 19 weeks. It was pretty neat. We got to see our little girl for the first time. It was weird because one of my eyes started slowly shedding tears down my cheek, but the other one didn't. The baby weighs 10 oz. right now, and all her organs look good. So we are very happy about that. Clint said he felt weird while we were watching her on screen. He wasn't sure why, but he thought it might have been because he was worried as to whether or not the baby would be okay. We brought a tape with us so we can show the rest of the family our little girl on Christmas. After we left the doctor's office, we went to eat with Clint's parents who are in town from Las Vegas for the holidays. Then I had to go buy an outfit for her, since now I know what to buy. This information could be dangerous, but hopefully I will be able to control myself and not buy too much. We'll see....I am attaching a few pics of myself so my friend Christina can see what I look like now since she lives in Michigan now :( She needs to come home!!! They aren't the best pictures, but they will work for now. (1st one is 3 months-Nov 22, 2nd one is the same day with me sucking in, and 3rd one is today-19 weeks) We go back in 4 weeks, but I will try to update this before then.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Growing and Growing

It seems like I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday.  I couldn't wait to start showing and now I'm scared if I keep growing at this rate I'll be huge!  I'm anxious to see what I weigh on Monday when I go to workout.  I'm only supposed to gain a pound a week, but by looking at my stomach it seems like I am gaining more than that.  Maybe I'm just not used to having a round belly.  I do like the way it feels though.  Every night it seems like I wake up holding my belly.  At least now that I am growing, I am not worried about the baby b/c if I'm growing everything must be okay in there.  I don't listen to the heartbeat everyday now since I know the baby is alive and well (at least by looking at my stomach it seems he/she is).  I did listen to it this morning when I woke up...that was a first.  I usually listen to it in the afternoon or evening.  After we listened to the heartbeat for a minute, Clint said he is still hoping there are twins in there...we'll see.  We had thought we heard two different heartbeats a few weeks ago, but the doctor said we could just be listening to the same heartbeat but through the umbilical cord or something.  I still don't think I have felt the baby move, but I am not sure.  Sometimes I feel something out of the normal, but I can't tell if it is the baby or not.  Last night I dreamed I felt the baby move and in my dream I woke Clint up and he felt it too...but it was all just a least I think it was.  I do wake up every night now and press my hands on my stomach hoping to feel the baby move, but all I can feel is my heartbeat.  I know it will happen soon, if it hasn't already.  Anyway, Clint and I are going to Italy on Wednesday so we can experience that before the baby comes...I can't wait.  I bought a few more maternity shirts at the mall the other day so I think I've got enough clothes to get me through the month at least...although I will probably need to get another pair of pants before too long.  I wonder how long I will be able to wear my "normal" jeans.