Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My day so far

7:53 a.m   "Momma" yells Summer

7:54 a.m.    I roll out of bed wondering who set her alarm clock this early.  :)  I bring her back to bed for good morning kisses from her and Blacky (her dog purse) for Mommy and Daddy.  Then she asks for a pop-tart. 

8:00 a.m   Pop-tart (which she has asked for every morning this week), chocolate milk and Sesame Street on the couch with Summer.  She sits in my lap and always saves me the last few bites of pop-tart (aka my breakfast / her leftovers). 

8:30 a.m.  I crawl back in bed with Clint while Summer watches Sesame Street and plays.

8:50 a.m  Summer comes to get us up.  Cereal for Summer while Daddy goes out to run.  Mommy gets dressed.

9:00 a.m  First Barney video:  ABC's and 123's

9:50 a.m  Second Barney video:  Barney's House

10:25 a.m. Sit Summer on potty to try to poop - unsuccessful!

10:30 a.m  Get Summer dressed for visit to Nona's for lunch

10:50 a.m. Put on our shoes

11:00 a.m Summer plays and Mommy gets online while we wait for Daddy to get ready

12:03 p.m.  Time to change a poopy much for the potty training!  We are getting no where with it!  I gotta run now. 

Later         Going to eat porcupines with the inlaws!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Her Finger is in the Stapler!!!

I just looked over to see what Summer was doing, and her finger was in the stapler.  She looked like she was figuring out how it works.  Too funny!  Now she is putting paper in it and trying to staple it.  Luckily, she is not strong enough to push it down.  She is climbing around the office on one of my Avon boxes, seeing what all she can get into.  She puts it on her head and says, "Hello?"  She is just a mess.  Always making me smile.  She is such a cutie pie. 

Last night was the first time she has ever really let me read a book to her.  And not just one either.  She let me read 3 or 4 small books to her.  Some of them more than once.  It was amazing.  She really listened and was interested in the story.  I haven't really tried to read to her that much in the past few months because she always says "No" and takes the book away from me.  But, last night she listened.  It was precious.  After I finally finished, I brushed her teeth and put her to bed.  I am going to try to start this on a regular basis.  Books before bedtime.  It has gotta be better than Barney!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Big Girl

It is definitely official now - Summer is a BIG GIRL!  Not a drop of baby left in her, unless you count the thumbsucking.  I really hope that is a baby thing and that she will grow out of it soon.  It is precious though to watch her in her bed sleeping, sucking her thumb.  Oh yeah and diapers...I guess those are for babys too b/c BIG GIRLS pee-pee in the potty.  And Summer is definitely NOT doing that.

She is such a good girl though.  Saying "thank you" at the most unexpected times.  She has been so charming lately, warming my heart with joy and pride.  I guess that is what little girls do.

Clint's family is in town for a visit and Summer is having a blast with her cousins.  She can say their names, but not perfectly.  She can say almost anybody's name really.  She woke up this morning and started asking for Amanda.  She saw her last night at dinner for the first time since Christmas, but I guess she stuck in her head.  It was sweet to think of her actually knowing her sister b/c she really does not right now.  There is a big age difference (16 years) so I knew they would probably never be too close, but when I was pregnant with Summer I never thought we would be seeing Amanda so little.  It is crazy how life changes and things are never exactly like you expect. 

We are having a good time with Clint's family, and I may be going hunting tomorrow (or later this week).  Crazy, huh?  I don't think I've ever been hunting unless you count squirrels or worms.  LOL  Don't know what else we will do this week, but I know Summer will be sad to see her cousins go.  She really enjoys playing with them. 

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Year Begins

Well, a new year is here and we started it off with a bang!  We had a great time with our friends and family over the holidays.  Summer got lots of new toys to play with and is enjoying her new bedroom too.  We finally have a living room pretty much toy free.  Well, most of the time anyway.

She is really growing up and her vocabulary is amazing.  She can put her shoes on by herself if they are slip on or have velcro straps.  So, she is always surprising me by walking into the room with her shoes on, sometimes without socks.  She even puts on my shoes and tries to walk around in them although they are way too big.  I still don't think I have a picture of that, but it is cute.  She hasn't mastered the sock putting on yet although she is trying.  She can put my socks on her feet, but hers are a little too tight.  She even tries to put on her pants by herself, but once she gets her legs in, she can't pull them up over her booty.  It is pretty amazing how much she can do though.  The other day I went into my bedroom and she had on a pair of my panties (incorrectly I might add).  But, she had tried to get them on.  She was in the process of trying to put on one of my tank tops too.  She never ceases to amaze me!

We went to the playground yesterday and she was going down the big slide all by herself.  Even when there was no one to catch her.  She also loves the swing now.  They have one of those chairs she can sit in and she really likes it.  She was giggling and laughing yesterday when Clint and I took turns pushing her.  She is such a doll and constant bundle of joy in our lives and I don't know what we would do without her sometimes. 

Two days after Christmas we found out that Clint's cancer is back.  They can only see one node that is cancerous, but they want to send him up to NCI for treatment to try to kill any other cells that we may not be able to see.  It is a pretty scary time for our family right now.  So much is unknown.  We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers right now.  If anyone knows any magic, please use a little on us.  We could really use a miracle right now.