Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where is my baby?

STOP TRYING TO WALK!!!  That is what I just said to Summer.  I did not yell as the previous sentence implies. In fact, she probably did not even hear me because she is good at ignoring me...LOL.  She has taken a step a couple of times this morning.  She can stand on her on in the middle of the room if she really wants to.  I have seen her do it a couple of times.  She is also standing, no hands, for longer and longer each time.  I know it won't be long now.  I have not been encouraging her walking at all, and it seems like she does not need me to.  She will do it when she is ready regardless of whether or not I am.   

She has also been talking up a storm this morning.  I can't understand much.  But, I know she has said "Tiger" and "Bye-bye."  It sounded like she was trying to say her A, B, C's a minute ago, but not the whole thing.  She will be talking in no time it seems too.

I woke up this morning and my baby was nowhere in sight.  I heard Summer a few minutes after I woke up and went to get her. When I opened the closet (aka her bedroom) door, she had turned the light on in her bed.  She sleeps in a pack-n-play here (at the condo).  She is usually always standing by the time I get to her, no matter where we are.  But, this is the first time she had the light turned on.  Yesterday morning, she had the music turned on; today no music. 

Anyway, I am getting off the subject.  Where is my baby at?  She did take her bottle, as usual.  I am really going to miss that.  I guess I only have one more week if I am going to take it away when she turns a year old.  Which is only 7 days away! 

I can't believe it is here already.  I have the decorations for her party.  I have ordered the cakes and bought the ice cream and drinks.  I'm not sure what else to serve.  Chips & dip???  I told Clint he is in charge of video taping during the party to which he highly objected saying, "Ihate doing that.  It is boring."  So, I told him it was up to him to find someone else to do it if he doesn't want to.  I am sure that is NOT going to happen.  I will have to do it myself, as usual.  He is a little like Summer in that he hears what he wants to hear...LOL.  I guess we are all like that sometimes, myself included.

Again, off the subject.  Summer thinks she is a funny little girl, always looking at me to see if I am going to laugh when she is being silly.  I guess if I didn't always laugh, she wouldn't expect it.  It is so much fun to have such a happy little girl to play with all the time. 

The word "No" has escaped my mouth numerous times this morning.  "No, don't put those head phones in your mouth." (repeat, repeat, take away headphones)  "No," don't get in the fireplace. (it only took once--Yeah me!)  I try not to say it too much.  But, "No" means "No."  I think Summer knows that for the most part, but I can see her testing me sometimes. 

Here are the new foods Summer had this week:  Grapefruit, Plum, Apple, Tangerine, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Salmon Patty, Yams, Soft Taco, Tostoda Chips, Ham 

Here are other things she ate this week:  Peach Cobbler, Pinto Beans, Sweet Potato, Yogurt, Banana, Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Roll, Green Beans, Carrots, Squash, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Baby Food, Oatmeal, Peaches, Lettuce, Tomato, Rice, Corn, Chicken, Bread, Crackers, Cookies, Ice cream, Milk-regular, chocolate, & strawberry, Applesauce

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cute clips of Summer

Here is a short clip of Summer shutting the back door.  I'm not sure she was happy with it when she did get it shut.  You tell me.  Or, did she smush her fingers?  I don't think so, but I guess it was possible.

This clip is of Summer playing in a drawer.  She is talking to me in a language I don't understand.  But, it is cute.

Videos Coming

As soon as I figure out how to do it again....

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dinner with my baby

If you would like to have dinner with Summer, you can via the photos in this post.  This is what she typically looks like at the dinner table/counter top.  Her plate also usually ends up empty like the pictures show.  I will usually fill her plate up with whatever we are having at home.  She will eat pretty much everything on it.  She does drop some food in her lap, but it is a relatively small portion of what is on the plate.  Sometimes she even eats the food out of her bib when her plate starts looking empty.  Meal times are fun.  I have to pretty much wait to eat until after I have gotten her meal going good.  I used to have to feed her everything, but she is trying to feed herself more and more.  Sometimes she won't even eat off of the spoon I am trying to put in her mouth.  She would rather do it herself...with her hands. 

I have noticed she is becoming more independent.  I guess that is a good thing.  She will play in the floor on her own until she sees me doing something that she wants to do (or doesn't want me to do....).  The laptop is a prime baby attention getter.  When she hears my fingers hitting the keys, that is her cue to stop what she is doing and come to Mommy.  She gets to see her picture on the laptop sometimes which excites her.  Right now I have a picture of Jack (our old dog) as my background.  So, she barks whenever she see him.  She never got to meet Jack.  Both of our dogs died while I was pregnant with her (I think).  I can't remember exactly when Jack drowned in the lake, but it was a sad day. 

Did I mention that she bit me the other day?  I was on the phone with a friend and she was on my hip (as usual).  The next thing I knew, she had bitten my arm.  I didn't know what to do, so I did nothing.  I hope this is a one time thing because I definitely don't want a biter on my hands.  She still just has the three teeth.  I guess more will be coming soon.  That means more teeth, fun, fun.

Tonight she is with my sister and her cousins.  I know they are having a good time.  And so will I when Clint gets here!

Here is a link that I read about disciplining.  Not that I am having a problem doing it, but I thought I would share it.  Wish me luck!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Splinters & more

Summer has officially had her first splinter and then some. I was giving her a bottle yesterday morning (the only bottle she gets a day) and looking her over as usual.  So, I glanced at her legs and noticed a lot of scratches.  After further investigation, I realized there were also a LOT of splinters.  Not just one or two either.   I would say there were at least 20 on her legs and feet yesterday morning when she got up.  I felt like complete crap for letting it happen to her.  I just did not realize that our back porch is splinter heaven.  I don't know what I am going to do this summer because she LOVES the back porch. I am sure she would also like the yard, but it is so far away....right.  I thought about having her a play area in the front yard which is far enough away from the lake that I don't have to worry about her sneaking off and falling in. 

Yesterday I realized that I love where we live.  Why are we selling our house?  We are thinking auctioning it, but I am not sure yet.  We are going to an auction tonight.  Summer has been to auctions before, but this kind will be a little different.  They are selling houses not antiques and junk.  I hope she is well behaved during the auction.  We will see.  Clint suggested we get a sitter for it, but I really think Summer will be more entertainment for me than the houses they are selling.  So, I am not wasting babysitting on an auction.  Plus, my sister is babysitting Friday night.  She is a brave woman.  She'll have 3 kids running around her house tomorrow night; I guess one more isn't a big deal.  My nieces and nephew really like to play with/torture Summer.  I am sure they will all have fun. 

I really need to get some pics of Summer loaded on the computer so I can show you all the new and exciting food she is eating.  She will eat pretty much anything.  She just got done eating some cantaloupe and part of a poptart and is playing with her Weeble bus I got her.  She is watching a Baby Einstein video - World Animals.  We have been watching Neighborhood Animals at home.  I am tryingto get her to learn the song "Old McDonald."  So far, she likes the song, but can not sing it.  She does try to sing sometimes.  I can't understand a word of what she is "singing," but she is trying.  Okay, she just made a tiger noise and it was too cute.  This is only the 2nd time she has watched (if you can call it that) this video.  So, maybe she already knew how to make a tiger sound??? 

She is learning more and more words.  I think she can understand what I tell her; Amanda disagrees.  She still doesn't think Summer is saying "Dada."  She did play with Summer (if you can call it that) for a little while Tuesday afternoon.  She doesn't really play very well...kind of a boring big sister.  But, she is competing with a really fun mommy, me, so I'm not sure she had a chance in the first place.  According to Clint, I am too loud when I play with the baby.  I guess I just get excited because I want her to laugh and smile and I will get very silly (aka loud) to make it happen.  That is what I live for - making my people happy.  It is not always easy, but I am going to be happy if I can help it.  So, cheer up or go away.  Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about Summer. 

Now she has found her way over to the many bags by the kitchen table.  I am sure she is pulling everything out of them that she can...LOL.  If I can just get her to put it all back in, I don't really care.  She does a pretty good job of entertaining herself now.  But, when she wants Mommy, she wants Mommy.  Of course she still won't say "Mommy."  That may be her only downfall. 

It sounds like she has made her way over to her car.  She thinks she is so big when she pushes it.  She has been letting go of things and standing there a lot in the past few days.  No more steps, but like I said before, I am NOT ready for that.  I know it is only a matter of time.  She is getting her balance figured out; she just needs to figure out how to work her legs.

She has not gotten into the garbage can yet.  Just as I said that, I looked over and she WAS in the garbage can.  It looks like she got an empty lemonade can.  So much for not playing in the garbage.  I guess I better go tend to her.  I will try to get Clint to bring the cord so I can put up some new pics because I have taken a ton!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Perfect Combination: Drool & a Snotty Nose

Summer and I are playing on the back porch right now.  Well, I am writing this post and she is playing.  I figured I would go ahead and write this because she is entertaining herself.  She is pretty good about playing by herself.  At times, she does want me to play with her.  But, other times she is just in her own little world. 

Have I mentioned that she is an absolute doll lately?  Jabbering and laughing up a storm....oh yeah, and DROOLING!  The drool has never been so bad.  There is a ring around her shirt collar almost all of the time these days.  Of course, the shirt she has on now is also wet from the ice she is playing with.  I dropped my full (that's right FULL) cup of water on the couch.  Luckily, the blanket caught it and I just dumped the blanket on the back porch.  When she found it, she started picking it up and putting it in her mouth.  Of course she did!  Everything goes to her mouth right now.  I really don't understand why, but I will be happy when she outgrows that.  It is disgusting sometimes.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


I wanted to take a minute to talk about what happened this week at Playgym.  Summer signed "more" for the first time.  At the beginning of class we were talking about sign language.  I told them that Summer still did not know how to sign "more."  Well, she must have heard me and decided to prove me wrong because a few minutes later when we were bouncing on the balls she signed more.  It was so exciting.  Everyone saw her do it.  I think she did it twice, but I didn't really count.  I was just so surprised when she did it because I have done it like a million times and she has never done it back. 

She can remember the different things we do and is enjoying them more every time I think.  I think it is well worth the time to take her each week.  She is learning and having a fun at the same time.  Plus we get to play with other babies.

Babies....that word just makes me a little sad right now.  I feel like I am fixing to lose my baby.  I feel like when she starts walking she won't be a baby anymore...she will be a little girl!  NOOOOO!!!!!  I do not want to give my baby up.  So, for the time being I am not encouraging walking.  I love my baby!!!  I am not ready for a big girl.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

She has friends

Summer's play date at Liliana's house went good the other day.  There were 5 babies there; the same five that were there about 4 or 5 months ago.  Except now they are all huge and have personalities.  They completely destroyed Alicia's living room.  There were toys EVERYWHERE!  We ate dinner over there which was great.  Summer really loves pasta, so the meal was perfect for her.  She ate everything on her plate and a little of mine, as usual. 

The babies did interact with each other a lot more this time.  Katelyn is the quiet one, but she is eye balling everything--looking for something she is not supposed to have.  Liliana does not care who or what is in her way, she is going where she wants to go--so move or stay and be trampled...LOL.  It was cute.  Those two are both walking.  Ashton and Aiden are not very mobile still...thank goodness!  I can't imagine 5 babies all making their rounds around the room, but I am sure they will be before too long.  They were so much bigger than the last time I saw them, but I guess babies do a lot of growing in 4 months.  They were dressed alike, but they are not identical twins so that is nice because you can tell them apart.  Summer was her usual self, playing with all the toys and making her way around the room.  We did get some pics of them which was not an easy task - getting 5 babies to look at the same camera at the same time. 

Overall, it was fun for all I think.  Even Clint went with us and had a good time watching them play.  We are definitely looking forward to the next play date!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Last night Summer and I were on the back porch playing with a new toy I got her at the consignment sale (for $8) yesterday.  She was having a good time exploring everything and showing off for me.  As she was making her way around the porch, she found a flower pot (with no flowers...LOL).  So she stood herself up by it and checked out the weed that was growing it it.  I was taking pictures of everything she was doing trying to capture a small portion of her life so that I will never forget how precious she is.  Anyway, I decided to snap a few of myself...not the best idea, but maybe one of them was half way decent...maybe.  While I was snapping away, I noticed my neighbor walking over to see us.  Then I looked at Summer and she was eating dirt.  Let me say that again - EATING DIRT!!!  It was pretty funny and all I could do was laugh.  It was on her hands and face and inside her mouth.  It was one of those "priceless" moments for sure.  Of course she would not pose for the camera in all of her dirt covered glory, but I am hoping that at least one of the pics will do the instance justice. 

I am at the condo right now...our 2nd home.  It seems like I am here almost as much as I am at my house.  I think I am finally getting used to living in between two places.  The condo is definitely more convenient at times, but it is hard to make sure you have everything you need at both places---all the time.  Okay, so I'll stop complaining because I know you aren't feeling sorry for me anyways.  What I was getting at was that I can't put the pics up right now because they are on the computer at my house.  I had to empty my camera this morning so it would be ready for more pics.

I forgot that we have a playdate this afternoon at Lili's house.  I am hesitant to break the news to Clint because he is going to be all "What am I going to eat?  You are supposed to feed me."  blah, blah, blah...  What am I a cook or something?  I don't mind feeding him by any means.  Is it my fault that I have plans sometime which do not revolve around what he is going to eat?  If I am home, I will gladly cook him a meal.  But, when I am not, I definitely hear about it.  So, do I not go to the playdate so I can feed him?  I don't think so.  That is what canned soup, fruit and leftovers are for, right?  He will just have to fix it himself.  Enough about Clint.

I am excited about the play date because a lot of babies are going to be there - 5 or 6 I think.  I can't wait to see how they interact with each other.  It wasn't too long ago when they didn't even pay attention to each other.  I think things will be different this time.  But how different, I don't know yet.  I'll let you know.

I really racked up at the consignment sale yesterday.  I will not share how much it cost me, just know that it was a lot less than it would've been at a store.  She got a potty, an Elmo who pottys, shoes, shoes, shoes, 2 booster seats, a life jacket, diapers, and toys.  I also got a few picture albums and a really cool picture frame for myself.  I won't bore you with the details, just know I love consignment sales! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Videos Fixed

If you tried to look at the videos today and couldn't, try again.  You should be able to get into them without having to be my live and learn.  Sometimes you have to do something wrong to learn how to do it right. 

These videos are especially meant for those grandparents who live on the other side of the country...and other relatives who want to see how big Summer is getting.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer laughs

She thinks she is funny.  Here is a video of her laughing.  Don't forget to check out the post before this one for another video.

She likes her walker

Click the link below to watch Summer playing in her walker on Sunday.  Sorry the quality is not great, but I took it on my camera and did not have enough lights on. 

Don't miss the wave and "bye-bye" at the end. 


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Video On the Way

Video coming soon....I hope.  Any You Tube users out there?

9 Words; 3 Animal Sounds

That is the list I made today...Summer's words and sounds.  There are probably more than that because it seems like she learns new words everyday.  She does not say words on cue, but she will bark EVERY time she see a dog.  She loves dogs!

Cats also catch her attention.  They, however, will not usually have anything to do with her.  She would love it if they did, but so far she has not had much luck in getting them to come back to her after she gets a hold of them once.  They learn quickly that she is not what they want.  Their loss...

Today she made my heart stop.  Well, a picture of her did.  I just fell in love with her all over again.  Not that she needs me to love her any more than I already do.  I think I would give my right arm for her...maybe...LOL.  If it came down to it, I am sure I would.  But, I would prefer to keep my body in tact.

Okay, so my shows are on tonight.  That's all you get...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Her First Easter

We had a busy Easter Sunday.  Summer and I got up and made some cupcakes.  Then we all went to church in Trenton.  After that, we went to visit my Pepaw and Granny...then to my mom's for chili and an egg hunt.  We dropped Amanda off to visit her boyfriend on our way to my friend Christina's house.  After that we picked her up and went home.  I gave Summer her bottle and she went right to bed.  It was a very busy day, but we all had a good time visiting with family and friends. 

Today I took Summer to get her 11 month pictures taken.  I am a little late this month, but she had a rash on her face last week, so I waited until it cleared up...yeah that's the reason I'm late...right.  The pictures turned out really good even though it was time for her nap when we got there.  They took some pictures with a teddy bear which I thought was good because she has 3 teddy bears right now.  So, it was representative of an object that is currently in her life.  In a few pictures, Summer was laying on the bear with her thumb in her mouth...the way she does when she is going to sleep.  I didn't get those poses, but I did get one with her sitting beside the bear.  I was good today and did not go crazy on the pictures.  I was tempted to get a sort of collage with the bear pictures, but I refrained.  I walked out of there spending only $5.45, and I got a pretty good amount of pictures.  What a deal! 

While we were there, Summer said a new word - "tickle."  The lady was tickling her with the feather duster and said, "Tickle, tickle." Then Summer said, "Tickle."  She did it a couple of times so I am pretty sure it was what she was trying to say.  I don't know if I have written that she also says cracker sometimes, but she does.  She is learning more and more words all the time.  It won't be long and she'll be talking.  Is there any way to just pause life and keep her the way she is?  She is such a doll right now and I just want her to stay that way.  If I am lucky, she will.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Teeth

Summer is cutting her two top front teeth.  I saw a hole in the one on the right side of her gums last week.  It still has not broken least not as of yesterday.  She will not let me touch her gums so I am not sure about today.  She started running a little fever this afternoon, so I gave her some Tylenol to bring it down and also help with the pain.  She woke up several times last night, but by the time I got to her room, she was already back to sleep.  My only guess is that her gums were bothering her.

She has not eaten very much today -- just a 4 oz. bottle, Dora cereal, a jar of Apple Delight, a cracker and half of a banana.  She has also drank about a sippy cup and a half of juice/water.  I gave her a frozen fish to chew on, but I don't really think she liked it.

We got her schedule off whack this morning.  She did not get a nap before Playgym.  I usually get her up early on Thursday mornings, so I can put her down for a nap around 8:30 a.m.  But, today I wanted to sleep in...if you can call 7:30 sleeping in...LOL.  She has been getting up around 6:30 in the morning all week, so it felt late to me.  I am not sure if the reason she has been waking up so early is because she hears Amanda getting ready for school or if it was because Leah was sleeping the same room.  It was probably a little of both. 

Leah, Summer's cousin, spent 4 days and 3 nights with us.  She was a big help with Summer.  The time really went by fast and I couldn't believe it was already over when my sister came to get her yesterday.  Leah can pick up Summer now...although I am not too sure Summer really likes it...LOL.  Leah is 6 and probably weighs a little more than double what Summer weighs, right?  We had a good time with her and I think Summer might even be getting lonely in the back seat now that no one is sitting by her now...maybe not.

I got her a bear for the car.  She has a bear that she sleeps with at home and one at the condo.  They are both brown and very soft.  We were at the Dollar Tree the other day and they had soft brown bears, so I got her one for the car. 

Summer has stood on her own a few times in the past week.  She is still not walking.  However, she did take one step about 10 days ago.  She will act like she wants to walk, but if she after she thinks about it she decides not to.  I am not ready for her to walk anyway.  I am happy watching her crawl around the floor for now.  Clint, on the other hand, says we are going to have to trade her in if she does not walk by tomorrow...LOL.  He really thought she would be crawling by the time she was 9 months old, but I guess she had other plans.  Her balance is getting a little better, but I think it will still be a few more weeks before she walks. 

Clint says she is not a baby anymore.  I am having a hard time letting her grow up, although there is nothing I can do to stop her.  I cherish the mornings and nights when I feed her a bottle.  I know I won't have many more of these nights, so I am really trying to make the most of the ones I have left.  Holding her in my arms and looking into her eyes always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  So, I am taking advantage of the time I have left.  It is so sweet when she lays in my arms for that short period of time everyday.  In a few years (at least 16...I hope), she probably won't want anything to do with me.

I hope I am doing a good job raising her.  I think about that sometimes and wonder what she will be like when she grows up -- respectful and loving -- I hope.  My mom really did a great job with me and my siblings.  We all have a lot of happy memories from our childhood, and I hope Summer can say the same thing when she grows up.  I think we are all good people, don't you?  :)  I hope I can do as good a job as my mom did and still does.  She is really a wonderful person which reminds me that Mother's Day is coming up so I need to let her know just how much she means to me. 

Summer's 1st birthday is also just a month away....time is flying!  I have started to plan Summer's birthday party.  I need to get the invitations and get them sent out in the next week or two.  I have already  bought the plate, napkins, cups, and some decorations.  I thought I bought the invitations too, but they were not in my bag when I got home (or on my receipt).  So, I will have to make another trip to the store.

I have been reading to Summer more this past week.  She does not pay attention to the stories, but she can hear them and that is what counts.  If she is paying attention to the book, she is trying to close it or turn the pages a few at a time.  I read her "If I Ran the Zoo" and "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" which are Dr. Seuss stories.  Did you know that?  I don't think I had ever heard them before I read them this week.  She has two big Dr. Seuss books which have several stories each in them.  They are really nice.  Last year I got Clint ( not Summer) "Go, Dog, Go" for Father's Day.  Summer will usually not sit through the entire book, but I am sure that will all come with time.  I also read her the book "The Rooster Can't Cockadoodledoo".  It is pretty cute too.

Well, my little princess is waking up so I better go give her some love.