Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day like many others

Last night was great. Summer was full of energy. She was a little tired for the first part of the day, but after she had a pickle sometime in the afternoon, she perked right up. She was running around the couch in circles, we went on a walk to visited the neighbors, and did I mention the running around in circles? She was a live wire! It was nice to see her like that.

This morning she was "still sleepy" when got woken up around 8:15 a.m. I cooked breakfast for the guys and then whisked her out the door to meet some friends for breakfast. Then we went shopping. It was fun.

This morning at breakfast with my dad & Clint, she told me she was going to pay for us today. She said something about a million dollars. LOL Then she said her and Liliana might both pay. It was so cute.

She also did something else really cute today. Clint always teases her and asks her if her belly hurts. She will usually say yes because if she says no, he will say, "Is it tickle Summer time?" She does not like it when he tickles her, although I think she might like being teased. This morning she had a pen and she marked on her hand and said, "I wrote some letters and it says 'Don't tickle me!' " It was so cute. She is so smart. She has things all figured out.

Well, at least she thinks she does. Recently she has started to cry / whine to get her way when I tell her no. It does NOT work, but I guess she is not ready to give up trying yet. This morning she wanted a stick, but not the one that was on the counter the...one........whine, cry, pout....did NOT work. She did not get the stick. I have been pretty good about saying no when she wants something at the store. At least most of the time. Sometimes she does get special treats, but not every time. Today she got three new Barney movies. I guess he never gets old when your two. I must admit he doesn't really bother me although I rarely sit down and watch it all the way through with her.

I'm going to try to go grab a quick nap before I have to go teach tonight. I'm sure am tired! All that shopping today really took it out of me. Of course, all I had for lunch was a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough. I might have a slight belly ache right now, but it was worth it. Now it is all gone so I can stop being tempted.

Thank God for the little blessings in life! They make it worth living.


Stephanie said...

It sounds like she is handling it all really well. I'm glad to hear she was up and full of energy today after that pickle!! Lol.

Bridgett said...

Sounds very normal to me...normal is good! :)

Glad things are going well.


Stephycce said...

Aww glad she's doing good.