Sunday, March 29, 2009

The post I wanted to write, but didn't

She's there, I'm here.



Bridgett said...

No. You're not. Don't think that way, girly.


Erin said...

Remember, everybody needs a little time away, even Summer. It's ok that she needs a break too, just don't take it personal-because it's not. She is just as frazzled by all of this as you are and even though she is such a smart little girl she doesn't understand it all and it is frustrating to her. Don't think of it as failure because it isn't. I'm sure that it made Clint feel really special to have Summer need him:) Yes, even daddy's need to be needed whether or not they realize/admit it;) As you know being a mom isn't always easy...but it's always worth it!!! Sending lots of love and lots of prayers your way, sis. Keep on keepin' on. You really are a great mommy! Love you.

Anonymous said...


I say a prayer every night for Summer. She is such a trooper and such an intelligent little person. I know that you are so very proud of her and treasure every moment with her! What a wonder she is!

Pam (one of your former Jazzercize students from 153)

Stephycce said...

**bug Hugs** for you!!
It's okay!