Wednesday, February 27, 2013

6.75 years and counting

Last Saturday, Summer pulled her 3rd tooth which, just as the other two, came off of her bottom gum.  She wiggled it and played with it for a few hours before it finally came out.  The tooth fairy left her five one dollar bills.  She managed to get five more dollars from various family members the be t day at Sunday dinner.  I guess it pays to tell everyone about your lost teeth!!!

I can't believe she is going to be seven in just over two months.  She has really grown up a lot this year, but the morning walks into class have not stopped.  However, she no longer needs or really wants me to hold her hand at the skating rink.  She will let me for a little while though if she doesn't have a friend with her to keep her occupied.  She has been to the skating rink about five or so times since the beginning of 2013 and has improved considerably.  After the first time or two, we brought her knee pads so falling down would not be so painful and cause unwanted tears when we are supposed to be having fun.  I have a feeling she is not going to want to wear them the next time we go though.  She has recently acquired a used pair of skates and has been wearing them around the house and in the driveway giving her lots of confidence.  I must say, I am proud of how far she has come.  Her next conquest:  ice skating!

Last week, she had a run in with the flu.  She came home from school Wednesday with a fever of 101.3 and it peaked at 104 when we were at the doctor's office two hours later.  Her flu test came back negative, but her doctor said that given what he had been seeing with his other patients, he thought it might have just been too early to tell and put her on Tamiflu for five days.  She fevered for the next two days and spent most of that time on the couch.  She did have bouts of feeling good in which we would play games or she would spend a little time playing.  The Qwirkle game that Paw-Paw gave her for Christmas has proven to be fun for us, but I always seem to win.  She still plays with me though!  Sorry and Parchesi are two of her other favorite games right now.  We recently started playing Sorry a new way where everyone gets five cards to play from.  She was excited to try it and we both agree it's fun.

I feel like there is so much I have forgotten to post as I have really been slacking on keeping this blog up to date.  First grade seems to be flying by.  I think she is really learning a lot and seems to like school.  Math still seems to be her best subject.  We were working on compound sentences yesterday which she missed last week due to being sick.  It was then we rediscovered why homeschooling would not work for us.  We finally got through it without too much drama, but it was not pleasant.  I guess life isn't always pleasant though so no surprise there.  She did excellent on practicing her new music pages after that though so maybe writing is just not something she enjoys.  One of her favorite things to do is play outside, especially if there is a climbable tree around.  Lucky for her, today has turned into a beautiful afternoon so that is what we are going to do after her homework is done.  No worries there, it's only two math pages.   She should be done in no time.