Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's looking a little worse to me

I don't want to get too graphic and gross anyone out, but Summer's pee today has me a little more worried. Let's just say I have a plastic baggy in the fridge with something I scooped out of the toilet in it. It freaked me out!!! But, I know it won't do any good to worry so I'll keep my cool.

Summer and I have had a wonderful day together. We went on a stroll after her nap. We stopped in this boutique type store called "A Child's Garden" and spent a whopping $2.46 on a toy for my baby. It is a little kitty cat with magnetic feet and hands that she just couldn't live without. Well, she probably could, but why should she??? I was hoping she would pick out something more creative like a cool puzzle book or stringing beads, but she just wanted that little kitty. Oh and she saw a baby doll she wanted. It was about $50 bucks which was out of the question. How many baby dolls does one little girl need anyway? Well, this one did have a pacifier which apparently none of hers do. I quickly vetoed the baby doll and we looked over the whole shop. She wanted to go back to the front of the store where she picked out almost the cheapest thing in the whole store. She does have a little of me in her. LOL We checked out and had the saleslady cut the tags off for us. Summer does not like her dolls or toys to have any tags on them. :) Then we headed out the front door to the candy store where we spent a whopping $.52. My little girl is not greedy with the candy. I was amazed at how cheaply we got out of there. I am proud to say that I royally spoiled my little darling today and spent less than $3 doing it.

Now we are in the office watching cartoons which is the only room that has any on right now since it is the only room with satellite. The only cartoons on cable right are for adults. :( And, you know she wants to watch those when we are flipping through. Of course, she doesn't get to. I just will not expose her to the Simpsons or Family Guy or anything on Cartoon Network. She is way too young for all of those shows. It's no wonder kids grow up so quickly these days though. I wonder how many other parents care what their kids watch, especially the younger generation. I guess it is none of my business anyway. Although she will be going to school with these kids and they will influence her in ways beyond my control. Man, that is a scary thought. I am definitely NOT ready for her to go to school. I have heard horror stories from some of my friends about things their kids have learned. Thank goodness I have a few more years to shelter her.

Summer is headed to the doctor first thing in the morning. I have noticed that she has not been drinking very much lately, but she is still peeing quite a bit. I have been trying to pump her full of liquids like the lady at the pediatrician's office told me to this afternoon, but all I have gotten her to drink is one sippy of apple juice and half a cup (at the most) of chocolate milk. Oh and a few sips of water. I even tried to reward her with a Popsicle after she finished her juice (with me basically forcing her to drink), but she turned it down. Hmmmm. I hope we find out something tomorrow, but I imagine they will have to set up testing before anything turns up.


Robin Stallings said...

Where is the child's garden store? I have heard of it, but wasn't sure where it was. Good luck at the doctor tomorrow!!

Bridgett said...

Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

Keep us updated on Summer's appointment!