Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Activities are brain food!

I have just finished signing up for a few Aquarium activities for Summer over the next few months. Our first one is next week. They are having Dr. Suess night at the aquarium for members and we are all signed up to go. I even called my sister to get her kids in on the action. Plus I'll be killing two birds with one stone because Summer asked me if they could spend the night sometime last week. :) We will also be attending "Super Snakes," "Are you my mama?" and "Trekking with Tykes." Clint says all of these things I take her to are making her smarter so I guess I will try to keep on doing more of the same.

She really loves her Kindermusik class and so do I. We sing and laugh and smile and have so much fun. Same with her Playgym classes. She always does an art project there so we have plenty of artwork to display at home. My fridge is never bare!!! She colored me and her a picture today at the Rush. It still hasn't found its home, but it will be on the fridge before the day is over. I really need to get some kind of storage case or portfolio that I can put all of it in because I just can't bare to part with any of it. I still have all of my art from high school! Thankfully, we have plenty of storage.

I think we are going to walk to the library or just across the bridges when she gets up from her nap. I think it will be refreshing and maybe (just maybe) we will run into the new candy store that they moved a few months ago. Speaking of the angel, I just heard her. I better get off before I hear those two little words. LOL


Robin Stallings said...

I have an under the bed tote for each of my kids. As I take stuff off of our fridge I just pull out that tote and throw it in. It's already fun to look back at. Also, I make sure the date or month and year is on each one.

Bridgett said...

She's one lucky little girl, for sure. :)