Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation memories

I almost feel bad writing this post as it will move our vacation post to history instead of most recent. I just looked at it again and am in love with the pictures. We had some good times. Our last day, Summer just had to do a craft before the pool would even interest her. Since the kids slept late, it wasn't too hard to accommodate her. Clint watched Lexie while we went down to make her last craft: a tile trivet. First, she made a pattern with the tiles and then she transferred it to the one with the wet grout. She ended up moving some of the tiles, but it was really a random pattern anyways. More like lets see how many tiles we can get of the different shapes and colors. I am really excited about this craft and hope she will end up letting me have it for my kitchen. But, she has already said she wants it for her play kitchen. I'll have to share a pic when I take one. Lexie came down and waited somewhat patiently so we could go to the pool. Of course, she was into everything. But, luckily, they had quite a selection of animals to stuff so I didn't really think she could hurt them. She played in the tiles too and amazingly did not break least that I saw. She's definitely more mischievous than Summer ever was; you've got to watch that girl.

The kiddie pool was fun as usual. Summer ran round and round. She tackled me and used me like a playground. I must say that this was the most perfect kiddie pool ever. Not warm like it was full of pee. It was still cool and very refreshing even with the hot sun bearing down on us. The play area shoots water from all kinds of places and has a slide that is small enough not to be dangerous, but still plenty of fun. Clint, Amanda and I all went down it a time or two or more. I lost my favorite silly band going down it with Lexie. She loved wearing her floaties and a ring float and just hanging out. The kids loved to be chased around the pool. It was truly a paradise for us to enjoy.

Lunch we ate at Johnny Rockets where we were so cold with our wet bathing suits next to our skin. Afterwards, we headed back to the room. Summer saw them giving henna tattoos by the pool and wanted one. So, we tried a few different places before we actually got one. The airbrush place was not working. The pool place had a line and the pool deck was hot and she was shoeless. So, while Clint, Amanda and Josh went to the water park across the street, I took the girls out tattoo hunting and souvenir shopping. Summer got two dolphins on her arm, and Lexie got a panda bear which I thought was cute since we used to call her mom panda bear. Summer actually picked it out for her, unknowing that fact. The girls both got a souvenir too.

When we got back to the room, they were already back from the water park. We ordered some takeout from Napoli's across the street. I almost think it would've been quicker for pick-up than delivery, but it turned out to be good and everyone ate until their bellies were stuffed. The girls were in for one more round at the kiddie pool before bedtime. Summer saw her friend Liz, who apparently did not really know when she was leaving Florida. In no time she was off to the big pool to play with her. She took her picture, but it didn't really turn out good because of the lighting and all. I did get several pics of them playing together though. Liz is older than Summer; I think she said she was 8 or 9. She reminded me of Punky Brewster for some reason. Maybe it was her freckles. But, she played with Summer as long as there weren't any bigger kids there who could actually jump in the pool and go under the water like she could.

The next morning Summer and I got up and went to the beach. I was pretty excited because we got to see the sun rise. We walked for a while before it came up. But, when it did, it was awesome. Summer kept saying it was the sunset. We snapped some pictures of it and I hope at least one of them is a good. We picked up a few more shells which Summer is prepared to share with whoever wants them. She had to take them to church yesterday so Memaw and Nanny could pick out some for themselves. We also saw a dead bird on the shoreline. The whole bird. Not like the bird head Amanda saw by the pool.

The car ride home was long and somewhat painful. "Mom, are we almost there?" "Are we there yet?" Over. And over. And over. Thank God for naps in the car! And, DVD players. The girls watched a Mommy & Me video a couple of times. Lexie really seemed to enjoy it. Summer and I have been watching it together for years. Now I'm going to have to be sure to pull it out when we have Lexie over. Even I got a short one after we filled our bellies up with Red Lobster. The only seafood we had on vacation other than that was at a sushi restaurant. I guess we don't go to the beach for the food.

The kids at church got to go to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. Summer and Lexie had a blast. Summer was Miss last! She left me, and I had to search for her on occasion when I wanted to check on her. She was with the other kids though so I wasn't too worried. Well, maybe I was, but I let her have fun. I had Lexie to contend with anyway so I am thankful Summer was able to be a big kid. I think she is the youngest one that went. There might be another one that is 4 too, but mostly it was elementary age kids. For once, we did not get our picture taken together. That is how much we were separated. I think I only watched her play 3 games out of 30 tokens. She left there with some tiny crayons in a Chuck E. shaped head, a glittery picture of Chuck E. on a skateboard, and a Tootsie Roll pop. She was using the crayons to color in the white sky on the picture before we got to our next destination.

I'm sure it will be another day of craftiness and mass production for her. I think she hung 5 or 6 pictures on my bedroom door yesterday. Some of them after I went to bed. She is waiting to show them to me now. So, I've got to go.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cobb Family Vacation

Well, it's been an adventure that's for sure. Day 1 was Father's Day which we spent mostly in the car getting to Daytona Beach. Summer was wondering if we were almost there a hour or two into the trip. It was a long ride in the car packed out with the seven of us and all our stuff; in and out for potty breaks. Summer didn't watch an entire DVD the whole way down. She did nap once or twice. The whole way down, she kept asking if anyone had seen any palm trees yet. Her daddy saw the first one I think. When we got here and got the car unloaded, I put the girls in their swimsuits and took them to the pool. They were in heaven. After a brief walk down to the beach, the oldest and youngest of us crashed.

The past few days are a blur of pool time, shell collecting, ice cream eating, wave jumping and crafting. Summer has really had a blast and enjoyed all four of the outdoor pool areas. Mornings were spent at the kiddie pool where the girls floated and slid to their hearts content. Well, maybe not until it was content. Lexie can never get her fill of the water. Yesterday, I stayed down with her after Clint and Summer returned to the room and she finally got her fill. She was ready to go to the room when we finally packed up, but, of course, as we walked by the bigger pools, she was ready to get back in. Summer and I have had several pool outings by our self which we both enjoyed. She met one girl who she is really fond of: Liz. Sadly, Liz is leaving today. But, she and Lexie are both interacting with the other kids at the pool and it is neat to see them socializing. Summer likes to tackle me in the kiddie pool, and Lexie is right behind her. Lexie copies almost everything Summer does. She wants so much to be a big girl like she is. I'm starting to think Summer does the same for me too. She has been repeating some lately. You know, for fun. She won't repeat her daddy though.

There are lots of activities to do where we are staying. They have an indoor 9 hole miniature golf which Summer said she wants to do again. Summer and I played junk food bingo poolside yesterday after eating some lunch from the pool grill. They played five games and I think Summer made it through three of them. I won on the last game - blackout. She picked out a Snickers bar for her prize. She also tried an ice cream float made with orange soda and vanilla ice cream. She drank some of it, but I don't think she really cared for it.She loves to get an ice cream from the truck on the beach, but we didn't do that yesterday. So, her daddy took her out for ice cream last night while I stayed home with Lexie.

There is a craft center here which Summer has to go to every day. The first day she stuffed a kitty cat (kind of like build-a-bear) and decorated a shirt for it. She picked a skirt instead of shorts for the bottoms. I wouldn't see it any other way since she loves to wear skirts versus shorts. Skirts and dresses are her thing. The next day she painted a conch shell and a magnet. Yesterday, we both painted sand dollars. She will probably get up today wanting to go there before the pool. She did yesterday.

Just down the beach is a small amusement park with a huge Ferris wheel. We took Summer and Lexie to ride it. Clint was a little scared, or so he said. The girls had not fear though, only smiles on their faces. One night Clint and the older kids went there to ride the Slingshot. There is also a pier just down the beach which we have only been under, not on. I don't think it is open to the public though. Too bad they don't have fishing there because Summer and I would definitely be making a trip there.

The kids are all still sleeping on our last day of vacation. It's only 8:30 a.m. though. I've already been to the beach and read some in my book. I'm going to try to get everyone out of bed and to the pool this morning. I don't think the whole family has been to the pool yet. Maybe today. The older kids sleep half the day and then take hours to get out of the room. I'm not even sure the girls made it to the beach yesterday or the day before. But, Summer and I aren't wasting any time in the room. There's just too much fun to be had out there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

She's a goner

It was a little sad today leaving the school knowing that the week of fun is over. Summer said goodbye to her teacher and two assistants before we left. I wonder if she will have the same teacher at her next camp. Hope so because she seemed really nice and good with the kids. I kind of wish Summer was going to preschool here, but it is a 5 day program and I want that extra year at home with her. Maybe we will get to do a lot of traveling this last year of her freedom. Well, maybe that's not the best way to put it, but 5 days a week for the next 13 years sure doesn't seem to allow for much time to travel and enjoy life. Of course, there are summers and school breaks.

Summer was so excited to go to her Memaw's this afternoon. She started squealing with delight when she saw her Memaw waiting for her in the parking lot. They are having a cousins sleepover tonight. And you know what that means? Freedom for me! Let the festivities begin. ;)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer camper

After camp, Summer was not so sure she likes being away from me everyday. Now I am sure I did the right thing about preschool. I decided to only send her to two weeks of camp instead of three. She is really looking forward to the next one called Art Smart. I'm not sure we need anymore art creations around here though. We have art coming out our ears already. We gather a few more each day it seems. Maybe I'll have to start peddling some of it off although I'm sure they mean more to me and her than anybody else. I have to be careful sometimes not to claim a picture because she might very well have just colored it for herself. There are times when she doesn't want a picture hung up on the fridge because it is hers. I'm not really sure where exactly her pile is, but it seems to be scattered throughout the house. You know, just where ever it lands when she takes it back. Lucky for me, she is into recycling materials so some art work I have disassembled for future reuse.

Summer was a big help yesterday when we were cleaning a house. She helped me wash the windows and front door. She sure seemed like she knew she wasn't supposed to touch them anymore, but a little later there she was putting her face into the door and window. No harm done, just a little more shining for me. She let her imagination soar as we scrubbed and painted. We played hide-n-seek. She was a little disappointed not to have 4 pillows so she could make herself a fort. She did, however, enjoy the two that she did have. She stuck her hand on the freshly painted shelves just once and quickly went to the bathroom to get it off. I'm glad she isn't one of those kids who would've just went back for more. She is rather clean when it comes to getting stuff on her hands, although I could see her playing in the mud.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It's what's for breakfast. You've got to love a girl who can eat teriyaki chicken, steamed rice and California rolls when she is fresh out of the bed. They go great with Special Agent Oso. Unfortunately, Summer did not get to see the mystery patient before she had to leave for camp. Lucky for her, she has an awesome mom who DVR'd it for her. Shhhh. She doesn't know yet.

Today's drop-off was harder than yesterdays, on her at least. Yesterday, she left Teddy with me just in case I missed her. She walked right into her classroom and asked some kids what they were making. I had to walk over to her to kiss her goodbye, and she was off to her camp adventures. Today, she wasn't real happy about me not being with her while she was there, but when she walked in they were using glue to make something so she snapped into craft mode and I was off. Teddy was carefully tucked under her arm although I'm sure he ended up in her cubbie at some point. I am just happy her thumb wasn't in her mouth because it could've very well been. I don't know when she will stop sucking it. Apparently yesterday when she got there, they were not making anything crafty. They didn't do that until later when they colored cars with markers. Guess who tripped her and made her chip it a little when she got home. Yep, yours truly. It wasn't really much to get upset about though. She has said she is enjoying the camp and is always ready to go back the next day when I ask her. I think I am glad she will only be going two days to preschool though because it is a little much to get her up and take her everyday. The drive to this school is perfect, but preschool will be a little further away. Plus, there is only so much cleaning I want to do on this house. Five days a week is a little much for me. :) But, if she keeps up her current classes in the fall, she will have activities five days a week anyway. She's just growing up way too fast for me!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


The end of season t-ball picnic was yesterday at Jenkins Park. It was so miserably hot outside, but we survived it. Clint had to retire to the living room when we got to Selena's after being overheated out on the playground. You didn't even have to play to do that though. The kids cooled off in the stream after their faces were all red and sweaty. It was slippery, but for the most part no one got any major injuries. The kids loved wading in the water. One of Summer's fellow team mates had broken his leg two weeks ago and was sporting a cast up to his hip almost. I can't imagine having an immobile child for 6 weeks, but I know some people deal with that daily in their lives. I'm still counting my blessings.

The Lynch's invited us up to a slip-n-slide afternoon. The kids loved it. Summer was a little hesitant at first, but by the end of the day, she was running and jumping, landing on her knees and flying to the big puddle at the bottom of the slide. Mo and I also joined the kids, however now that I think of it, my buddy didn't do it once. Hmmm. :) We also filled up the kiddie pool, but it was 2nd choice to the slip-n-slide. We ended up staying for an awesome home cooked (and grown) meal and left with full bellies and happy hearts.

The girls took a bath when we got home and were quickly tucked into their respective beds. Today is Summer's first day of summer camp (Zoom Zoom) at the Bright Funstitute. So, I wanted them into bed early so they would be rested this morning. I had to wake Summer up a little after eight so that she could get ready and eat something before we left. This was so unlike her, but I'm not complaining. Lexie was her usual late sleeping self so I had to wake her up too. Lucky for me, they neither one were grumpy this morning. Such treasures they are!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breakfast foods are not for her

Summer is the world's worst at eating breakfast foods. She wants lunch or dinner for breakfast everyday. Turkey sandwich, grilled cheese, leftovers, chili, animal crackers, anything but cereal. Occasionally she will eat a pop-tart, but she really only likes the crust part of those. She will eat the inside, but doesn't always finish it. Strawberry with no icing is definitely her preference. She likes to make muffins sometimes, but I think she likes the batter better than the actual muffins. Fruit is also sometimes an option she will choose as long as it is not a banana. She really doesn't eat them much at all anymore. Grapefruits are her favorite. She likes for me to peel them and hand feed her the bites. This morning she is having a turkey sandwich with mustard.

Yesterday, we got up and made cookies for the church ice cream social which we missed due to some late nappers. She loved making the cookies and eating them although she did not like the sugar cookies until they were iced. We actually made sugar cookie lollipops which she decorated with sprinkles. The dark chocolate chunk cookies were definitely her favorite to eat and she finished them off this morning before her sandwich.

We had a great time at the pool yesterday. Lexie and Summer both swam around like little fish. Summer even went under a few times which was a big step for her. Lexie mostly enjoyed floating around in a ring float and getting on the big floats. It sure will be nice when I can understand everything she says. Right now some if it is still gibberish, and I couldn't tell if she wanted in the pool or out of the pool or what. I think she really wanted to climb on the ladder, but it wasn't a safe option. I remember when Summer could only say a few words, now her vocabulary seems unending. Lexie is still refusing to call me Lolli. She will say every other word I ask her but that one. She will say complete strangers names in a heartbeat. So, I may be a Foofer after all, but that is only if she gets past Mama. Maybe if Summer called me Foofer or Lolli she would too? But, I'm not sure I want to go that far.

The girls were full of laughs and giggles last night. The three of us had some snuggle time on the couch watching The Pink Panther. They both enjoyed a few books before bedtime too. They were such a joy to be around and it was a nice relaxing evening at home with them.

Today will be another busy day no doubt. But, hopefully it will be full of hugs, kisses, giggles and smiles. They make every day better!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just another day

Vacation Bible school was a little less perfect last night. Not due to the fact that I had to tote around my 20 month old grandchild, but that Summer was sad and teary eyed. I have pretty much decided that she played through her nap yesterday. I did not hear a peep from her room while I was watching a movie with Clint on the couch. The thought crossed my mind when she came out of her room looking fresh with unmussed an hour or so after she laid down. When we pulled up in front of the church, I decided I'd pretty much bet money on it. Her head was tilted to the side and and her eyes were shut. But, she woke right up and went inside to play with the other kids before it started. A few minutes after it started, she told me she was hungry. I could tell she was disappointed when I told her she would have to wait until after Bible school to eat. A few minutes into my lesson with the middle schoolers, Summer was escorted to my room by Ms. Becky. Her face was red and teary-eyed so I just had her join us. She still insisted she was hungry although she had two servings of lasagna after her "nap." So, today, I made sure she got her nap. It was short, but I'm pretty sure she slept because her daddy was in there with her. I'm also going to make sure here belly is full before we get there. I would love it if there were no more llama drama tonight. It's the last night of VBS. I'm a little sad, but it was fun while it lasted.

Summer picked out some new books at the library today after story hour. She wanted to get on the computer before class, so we left a little early. We were delayed a few minutes in the hunt for Teddy, who we cannot leave home without. Maybe for a bike ride or quick trip to the park, but that's about it. At the library, she played the Clifford game and did great at navigating her way through the games without any assistance. I did have to show her where a few of the keys for her name were, but I was glad to get to help. Believe me, she wanted to do it all by herself. When I started typing in my library card number, she was saying, "I want to type in my name." After selecting 7 books, she felt we had enough. I grabbed a few more for her and a fwe for Lexie on our way out. I really need to remember to bring my big bag for the books in the future. When we left, it was starting to rain and I had 12 books in one arm and Lexie in the other. The diaper bag was slung over my shoulder and draped with Lexie's blanket which ended up falling. Summer was a great sport all the way to the car, helping me by getting the blanket and of course toting Teddy for herself. We didn't get too wet, but it was quite an adventure getting to the car with all my cargo intact and everyone still smiling.

The family music class we attended yesterday was a lot of fun. Lexie was amazed at what was going on and it was such a joy to watch her explore and discover the instruments with the other kids. I think I might just have to switch classes at some point or see if her mom will let me take her to a class by herself. She was pretty good at story time today too. Her and Summer had a little war over my lap, but eventually they were both comfy in their own spots. That is not to say that Summer did not grunt every time Lexie put her foot on her. Because she did. It was her mama's lap after all.

Tomorrow is the big playdate with the cousins. Now that will be an adventure!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One for the book

This morning Summer wanted to make a book, so we started them. First, we picked out the colors for the pages and stapled them along one edge. Summer decided her book was going to be about kids and titled it: Kids: Jonathan & Leah. Those are her cousins who she has been missing quite a bit lately. She is constantly wanting to call them. I called my sister yesterday and set up a play date for Thursday. I know all the kids are excited to see each other, I just hope my sister and I are ready for them. :) I'm sure they will run us ragged if we let them.

Vacation Bible school is going great. Summer loves it and really gets into all the activities. Too bad we can't have it a few times over the summer. It seems like a lot of churches are doing theirs this week too. Plus, a lot of churches are doing the same one so if we did go to another one it might be the same thing, only different.

Her music class was cancelled yesterday. But, we are going to make it up today with a family class. Lexie is going to get to join us in the class so I am really hyped up about that. Summer is excited about me being in the class with her too.

She is so detailed and precise it is scary sometimes. It's like her brain is working in over drive or something. I hope it will not hinder her people skills. Some kids with extreme intelligence isolate themselves unknowingly and can be unenjoyable to be around at time. I doubt she's in the extreme state anyways, although she's closer to that than slow. I feel so blessed to have her and be able to guide her throughout her childhood. Although I'm sure I don't do everything right, I try to put her first and give her all the attention and love she needs.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back Again

Last Sunday, we headed up to Detroit to visit with some friends and attend a wedding. When we got there, we were surprised to find out that they had a 4 year old grandson who was going to be there to play with Summer. Praise the Lord! Live entertainment. It was great. After the initial shyness wore off, the kids were pretty much inseparable for the next few days. They rode 4 wheelers, went fishing and swimming, colored and built forts. Every time I would clean up the couch pillows, they would be right back in there building their forts back. It was okay though because they were having a great time. After asking my help for one large fort, the kids built there own individual forts. Summer built a pretty sturdy fort which of course made me proud. She always does that though. Our friends built them a fort in the kids bedroom for them to sleep in, but the kids were up in the bed in no time. For some reason, Summer had a hard time falling asleep. It could of been that she was surrounded by dead animals starring at her in the dark, but maybe not. All I know is that the second night she was in tears saying she missed her cousins and Memaw. She never did mention the mounted headed though.

There was one incident during the wedding photos that she did not make me proud. Rather, I would call it infuriated. But, she made up for it later at the after wedding photos. She was a star at the rehearsal where we decided she would walk in with me since I was walking alone. She met Christina's nieces, and they explored the golf course grounds around where we were practicing. At the rehearsal dinner, she was a little shy with her new found friends. At first, she wanted to sit with me, rather than them for dinner. That didn't last long. When she got over there, they were having such fun talking and making paper airplanes out of the napkin rings. Talking about girl stuff, I'm sure since they were all girls. I really wish I had heard their conversations, but I'm sure they were innocent. I was happy to see Summer enjoying the company of other kids.

The wedding day started with us meeting at 10 a.m. for hair and make-up. I was a little worried because the wedding didn't start until 5:30 and that is a long while for a little girl to sit around. She busied herself with her gift from the bride and a few Blues Clues DVDs. We colored together. Her instructing me that if I did not color the outside of the picture (the background), I had to color another one. So, I did. All the while, she is telling me, yet again, that I will have to color anther one if I don't do the outside. I must say she is a little bossy, but she knows what she wants. Doesn't always get it, but she usually knows. Hopefully, she will tone down her bossiness to an acceptable level as she grows and matures. She fell asleep around 2 p.m., and only got about an hour nap. We left for pictures at Ford Park at 3 p.m., and she was clinging to her teddy and sucking her thumb. When I took Teddy away so we could take pictures, she melted. Her happiness was not restored until after her time on the playground while the rest of the wedding party posed and smiled. I could hear her laughter floating through the air, and I knew everything was going to be okay after that. She tossed pink and orange rose petals down the aisle just like she was supposed to. She even ended up standing beside me throughout the entire wedding. At the reception, she was a dancing queen. Literally. I requested her favorite song, Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, and she was in heaven. Everyone circled around her, and she ruled the dance floor. She even broke down into some break dancing at one point during the night. Not sure where she learned that, but I'm glad I was able to restrain myself from joining her. She danced for hours after filling her belly with chicken fingers. She wouldn't touch any of the hors d'oeuvres served immediately after the ceremony. Although, she was complaining a lot of being hungry. Not sure why she wouldn't eat any of it, but maybe she just wanted the chicken fingers I promised her were coming after the ceremony. She was ready to leave the wedding around 10:45 p.m., but didn't get to until after midnight. I couldn't leave because I was the matron of honor, and she wouldn't leave without me. So, for the last hour Clint and I passed her back and forth. She really had a great time though was so tuckered out she slept until about 9 a.m. the next morning which is late for her.

She will be having her first away from me for a couple of hours in a camp setting in just a few weeks. Well, with strangers that is. She loves to go spend the night with her cousins or grandparents. On the way home last night, she asked to call her cousin Leah. I told her she wasn't allowed to ask if she could spend the night, and she said that she was just going to see when she could spend the night again. She's on top of her game!

Vacation Bible school starts today. I am excited because this will be her first one. I hope she loves it. I remember going to VBS as a child, and it was always so much fun. Now, as an adult, it seems a little cheesy, but maybe that is just because in my lesson I have to simulate a stormy boat scene. Speaking of that, I need to get off here and get prepared. Summer is still sleeping, so I have a chance to get everything accomplished if I hurry. God speed.