Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleepover tonight -- at the hospital!!!

I checked Summer's temperature several times today. Around 3:00 p.m., it was 100.3. I had a feeling we were going to be heading to the hospital sometime this evening. I took it again about 45 minutes later, it was down to 99.8. Then around 4:45 p.m., it was 101.5. So, I called the Dr's office and they told me to come on into the hospital. We didn't have to wait when we got here, we just headed up to "our floor." Yes, we have a floor that we always come to when she gets admitted. Aren't we lucky? Well, not lucky enough to get one of the BIG rooms like we had last time, but lucky enough to always know where we are going when we get here. :)

Summer got sick twice last night at my mom's house. She ate pretty good for them last night, but this morning she didn't eat much. She threw up as soon as they walked in the door this morning. We spent most of our day on the couch. I did get off it to fix us all some lunch, but she didn't really want me to. When I got our plates fixed, Summer acted like she wanted to eat. But when she sat down with her plate of noodles in front of her, she told me her stomach hurt so I took her back to the couch after only one bite of chicken. She did eat a few strawberries and I had to coax her into drinking some Sprite. She wasn't really interested in anything I was offering her. After I ate, I went and got her and carried her to the kitchen hoping something would spark her interest. She spotted some cheese and crackers (the kind you dip into the cheese) and asked for them. She ate a whole pack of that and asked for another. I gladly got her one, but she only ate two of the crackers out of it. She wanted to save the rest for later, but I just ended up eating it after I realized she wasn't going to. Yes, I am the clean up crew now although I really don't need that job. I have enough trouble staying out of the cabinets without eating everything Summer doesn't finish too.

Anyways, here we are at the hospital getting Summer some antibiotics. They also did a chest x-ray to look at her lungs so hopefully that will look good. I think we will be here until Monday at least. I am pretty sure they will still start radiation on Monday, but I could be wrong. I am new to this so I don't really know what to expect.

I hope she gets to feeling better tomorrow. Her eyes have dark circles around them right now. :( She is laying here beside me, thumb in mouth, sleeping away. It is too bad she hasn't had her oral antibiotics yet. We will have to wake her up when the nurse brings them. She also has to get her shot. I think I will let the nurse do it unless Summer wants me to do it. I already know that she is NOT going to want anybody to do it. She does not like her daily shots, not that I blame her. I can't say they are the highlight of my day either. Well, here comes our nurse. Time for some fun! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!


Tricia said...

Aw man, I was hoping you all would make it out ok this weekend. But, it's good you are there getting the proper care. hope she feels better real soon.

The Stallings' Clan said...

I'm sorry you ended having to make a trip. Take care and try to get some rest.

Bridgett said...

Oh no. Bad news. But, you reacted quickly and I'm betting Summer will be just fine. Get those probiotics in might make her feel more like eating. :(

Please keep us updated, love.

Thinking of you guys...


the mol said...

What a drag--hope you get out soon and that radiation goes fine. It's really not that difficult although it's hard to watch--you read all about my boy's radiation so you pretty much know what to expect, and what to ask for. Good luck.

Stephycce said...

Aww I'm sorry.
Hopefully things will get brighter.
And hope she gets to eating.