Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still feverish

Summer is up and playing. She slept a lot yesterday partly due to the fever and partly due to the Benadryl they gave her. Her hemoglobin and platelets were low so she got blood and platelets yesterday. She is going to get blood again today because her hemoglobin is right at the cut-off point and may drop again. Her white blood count dropped from .3 yesterday to .1 today. So, that is no good either. She will still have to get shots probably for the next week I am guessing. She DOES NOT like them. I guess that is normal though.

She is still running a fever. Last night around midnight it was 101.8 so they gave her Tylenol. This morning it was 100.6, but they didn't give her any least not yet. We can't leave until she is fever free for 24 hours so I hope she does not continue to run a fever all day like she did yesterday. Otherwise it will be Tuesday before we can get out of here. It may be anyway. You never know around here. I just hope she doesn't contract anything more serious while we are here. She is getting Cefepime, an antibiotic, every 8 hours and probably will until we leave. Yesterday they also gave her the monthly antibiotic she is on to replace the Bactrim she was supposed to take three days a week, every week. So, she should be good for the next month for that treatment.

She is really enjoying the Disney channel they have here. Yesterday I had to suffer through Hannah Montana. Boy am I glad we don't have the Disney channel at home! I'm just not sure I like the idea of her watching what I call children's soap operas at this age. It is a funny show, but she is only two and I'd rather her watch cartoons which I think provide not only entertainment but educational value as well. Of course not all cartoons do the latter. I think PBS does an excellent job of providing educational cartoons. Nickelodeon not so much, but occasionally we will cut it on and catch an episode of Dora. Right now they are talking about shapes on Mickey Mouse playhouse so she is learning or at least getting some positive reinforcement this morning. She knows most shapes.

I guess that is it for now. She is asking for an ice cream sandwich so I'm going to get off here and see what is holding her daddy up this morning. Please pray for her fever to go away. I don't want to spend the whole week here, especially with her birthday coming up on Wednesday. I think I will delay the party a week though because it just looks like rain all week and I want to have an outdoor party. Plus, I don't think her counts are going to be up this week either so it be would safer for her to wait until they are.


Kristi J said...

I'm so sorry to hear you and Summer are back in the hospital a few days with fever. Especially when she is about to celebrate her birthday!

I will continue to pray, specifically that this fever goes away quickly!

Susie said...

I will be praying that her fever goes away and that she can have a wonderful Birthday without any problems.

Bridgett said...

Hoping for a fever-free little girl!

Blessed be!


Stephanie said...

Praying that she starts feeling better very soon and that fever breaks!!!!

Stephycce said...

Ohh I'm hoping the fever goes away. And I hope she stays healthy!!