Thursday, May 21, 2009

Never that nurse again!!!!

Last night we were in bed before 7:00 which is when the shift change occurs for the nurses. I was awakened shortly before seven by the day nurse bringing in the night nurse (aka the nurse from ----). We have only had her once before and we will never again. I will take Summer home before we have her again. If the kids are on chemo, the protocol (I believe - at least according to the nurse we had the two nights before) is too not wake them up for vitals if they are sleeping. I guess this nurse did not get that memo. So, she woke Summer up to do her stuff and then proceeded to turn on the light above the bed and asked Summer to look into it so she could see her eyes???????? I have never had a nurse do this. Only Drs. look in her eyes. So, that started me out on a bad note (even though I was already disappointed when I saw her the first time). This nurse cuts the lights on every time she comes in. She also makes a lot of noise and wears squeaky shoes. Not only that, but she listened to Summer's breathing and stuff with her stethoscope every time she came in the room. Again????? I think she wants to be a Dr., but she probably couldn't pass the test for that. She is usually running around like she is way behind. Well, last night we must have been her only patient because I swear she was in the rooming waking me up every hour or so. The other night nurse we had on this stay was extremely quiet and VERY GOOD. The "bad" nurse also set the alarms off on both of the IV pumps at least three times when she came in the room last night. The other nurse, never. Can you say frustrated??? Anyways, I will be requesting that we not have her again. It is just not a restful night with her.

Summer slept for over twelve hours last night so that was good. Also, no more sickness since yesterday morning. Yay!!!! She is currently watching Blues Clues. Poor me. :) I had that song in my head all night last night. We should be going home in a few hours. I can't wait, although Summer is her usual unexcited self thanks to the port having to be deaccessed.

I am hoping for a nice weekend. My mom's pool is almost ready and I know my aunts is. My aunt who lives close to Atlanta will be coming up this weekend to visit my aunt with a pool so we may head over there too. Of course, that is assuming I have Summer. I know she would rather be at Memaw's house, but I will wait for her to mention it so maybe I can have her some this weekend too. It is hard for me to say no to her when it comes to visiting Memaw because she has such an awesome time there. Well, time for me to go workout at the gym across the street. Daddy just came to give me a break. Woo-hoo!!!


Bridgett said...

I worked night shift for years. Unless I had specific doctor's orders to check neuro's or vitals at a certain frequency, I didn't.

I always felt rest was the most important part of the healing process and I wanted my patients to get as much rest as they could.

Sorry you had a lousy night. :(

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Susie said...

I know how you feel about nurses some just doesn't seem to care. They should be more considerate when dealing with kids.

the mol said...

They do temp and BP on our boy overnight when he is on chemo. Rarely does it wake him. And if it does, he snuggles back in with whomever (usually Grandma, for chemo). Sometimes he does need to be awakened if he needs BP rescue medication. Pretty rare at night though. We had quite an interesting night nurse too.

Stephycce said...

Oh man! I'm sorry hun!
Hopefully you had a better night and having a good weekend.


Tiffany said...

Hope you don't get that bad nurse again!