Friday, May 29, 2009

The 2nd x-ray (of abdomen) says....

Summer is full of poop! So, they are putting her on Doc-o-lace twice a day and also Miralax. They put the Doc-o-lace in with her Tylenol, but she could tell so I don't know how well she will take the Tylenol now. Maybe we could mix it with some ice cream and the rest of her pills in the morning. She had to take two packages of Miralax tonight with either 12 oz. of apple juice or Sprite. So, I mixed the two with 8 oz. of Sprite and she has drank half of it. She is sleeping now, but when she wakes up I will try to get her to drink the rest. What she has drank so far is actually more than she has drank in the last two days. Hopefully, if they get her poop moving along, her belly pain will ease up.

The first x-ray of lungs showed nothing so that is also good news.

Looks like we are in until at least Sunday and probably more likely Monday. Hopefully the fever will go away, but when the Tylenol wears off, it has been shooting back up. So, we are still at least 48 hours away from getting out of here.

Another bit of good news is the 2nd culture is still negative. They are doing a 3rd now. Hopefully, it will again come back negative which the resident says they usually are.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Thank you God!!!!


Susie said...

Glad to here everything is ok with her lungs.Sorry about her belly ache. Hopefully when she starts going to the bathroom she will feel better.

the mol said...

Funny (not like ha-ha funny) that she is, in fact, full of poop, because that's what we initially thought that our boy's tumor was. Just poop.

Being full of poop is a common side effect of Vincristine. Never a problem for our boy who was still nursing when he got it. It is very important that she stay regular--being full of poop is itself a problem that can cause infection.

Get better soon, Summer!

K. said...

Have you heard of Queen for a Day? I volunteer with them and the girls love it. I'm not sure if there's a chapter where you are - I thought it was worth mentioning, in case.

I hope the tummy ache goes away soon.

Bridgett said...

If she's impacted, that could possibly cause her temperature. All that nasty bacteria building up in the gut. Now it's more important than ever to give her the probiotics.

That also explains the diarrhea. A lot of times when kids are backed up, the loose stool will come out around the formed. So parents never think of constipation as the issue when their kid is actually having diarrhea.

At this point, I'd be doing some major gut healing...aloe juice (it's tasteless if you get the right brand), digestive enzymes, and probiotics, in particular. It's helped Autumn immensely. Parker too.

Glad everything is coming back negative. :D

Stephycce said...

Aww I had a feeling that's what it was :( Her poor belly!
Crossing my fingers for another negative test.


Andrea said...

Just dropping by to say HELLO! I hope your little girl feels better soon!

Tiffany said...

Glad the culture came back negative! Hope she poops soon! LOL