Friday, May 8, 2009

Ready for the weekend

Summer's counts are headed back up so that is good news. They are only around 319 so not great, but we may go to church on Sunday if she looks as good as she does today. She will be wearing a mask though so don't get too worried. Her hemoglobin was good today, but her platelets were low so she had to have her port accessed so she could get more platelets. It wasn't too bad today. The nurse took extra care to not bandage her too much so it would be easy to remove after her 30 minute infusion. I wouldn't say Summer was a happy camper, but she didn't feel the needle go in or come out and the nurse had the bandage off in no time at all so I would say it was one of our better days. Summer knows several of the clinic nurses by name now and she kept asking me why Ms. Deborah had to do that to her. It was sad, but life is sometimes. She also pitched a pretty big fit over the finger pricking again. When is this going to get easier for her???? We are only two months into this, but I think we are adjusting rather well. Ms. Deborah hooked us up with some adhesive remover so we got all of her adhesive off after we got home today. It has been all over her chest and shoulder for the past 2 or 3 weeks. She looks so much better now.

Tonight the grandkids are having a sleepover at my mom's. Yay!!! I know they have all been missing each other. I know I sure have been missing eating in restaurants and I am so excited to go out to dinner tonight!!!! I do love to cook so it hasn't been too bad. Summer and her daddy love my cooking too so that makes it even more rewarding. Last night we had tilapia, fish sticks, baked potatoes, greek spinach (spinach, tomatoes, onion, and rice) and green beans. Guess who didn't want fish sticks? Yep, she wanted the tilapia. I gladly traded her mine for the fish sticks. I haven't had them in years. She said she didn't want any spinach because she doesn't like it anymore. But, when I put a bite in her mouth she said it was good. LOL I think she just doesn't like to have a bite that has mostly onions in it. Today she started off with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and actually ate the chicken too. I guess I didn't look hungry to her. :p

Clint and Summer went to the Barn Nursery yesterday for an event put on by Lana's Love Foundation. They got to pick out some flowers and plant them in a planter to bring to me for Mother's day. They did an excellent job and I just love my new flowers. Plus, it was some good bonding time for Clint and Summer. I think they both enjoyed it.

Summer is ready to go check the mail so I'll wrap this up. Hope all you mothers out there have a Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your children and your family. You never know just how long you will have with them!!!


LRO said...

I really hope her counts just keep climbing up! I can just imagine Clint taking Summer to the Barn Nursery . . did he take pictures? Summer was probably excited to spend some time with her Daddy! You guys are such great parents! Have a great Mother's day! Eat somewhere good for me tonight . . .we have a science project to finish!


Tiffany said...

Hope you have a great mother's day!

Susie said...

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. You deserve it for being a good mom. Glad to see that Summer was doing better.

Stephycce said...

Oh I hope her counts get higher!!
Sounds like she's been doing good. That's always good news!

Bridgett said...

Sounds like good news and fun times all around.

I'm SO HAPPY she's feeling better and eating so well. That's such good news.

Hope you guys have a Happy Mother's Day!


Stephanie said...

I think getting your finger pricked is worse than getting an iv put in so I can understand why she doesn't like it. Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!