Saturday, May 30, 2009

Started out rough, but ending on a nice note

Today I got a nice break after a rough morning. Summer put up a fuss when it came time to take her meds, in particular the liquid Doc-o-lace. The first time she ended spitting it out and it got in her eye. She also bumped her head during the struggle and has small knot and bruise to show for it. After we were both worked up into a tizzy, I left the room for a few minutes to try to calm myself and allow her to calm herself. By the time the nurse brought her more, she was ready to try again. Well, she wanted me to put in her Sprite so she could drink it with that. But, then after tasting that, she decided she just wanted the new Sprite that hadn't been opened yet. LOL I finally got her to drink it and after that I left because my dad was here to take over. Thankfully, she did not seem to mind I was leaving. My mom relieved him around noon. I later Summer was not very playful for either one of them, but I'm sure she did enjoy their visits.

She did almost get a little jolly this afternoon, dancing around the room listening to her Ipod. It was cute and so awesome to see her perky and smiling. Her toys are still in her toy box which is unusual for us to have been here four days and not have them spread all over. She has colored some, but no major playing. Book reading has also been an activity of choice.

Her temperature is gone for now. I think it got up to 100.7 today, maybe a little higher. The nurse weighed her a while ago and she is down to 30.1 lbs. That is no surprise since she is still not really eating. She did eat about 1/3 of a thing of lemon yogurt and about 4 bites of chili this afternoon. She tried a grape, but ended up spitting it out. She says her belly hurts after she eat a few bites of whatever, so I am guessing she will not be eating much until we get all this poop out of her. So far it is pretty much all liquid coming out, but not nearly enough in my opinion. Sorry for grossing you out....

I am feeling like I am jinxing myself every time I write so I am scared to say anything that would even slightly prognosticate the future. I recall writing last week how this cycle was not as bad as the first, and it hasn't been at least nausea wise. The fever is the major issue. The first cycle we were in the hospital almost a week for a fever. We have been in 4 days so far this cycle.....

Summer is whining in the bed. Her belly is hurting and she wants me in the there with her. Problem is, I'm not sleepy. Maybe I'll just move over there and that will settle her enough so she can rest peacefully. This couch is making my rear a little sore anyway. I'll be playing Spider Solitaire until I feel I call sleep. I still haven't won a game and I've played at least 25 in the past two days. I must really love a good challenge!


the mol said...

I think that once the poo comes out, she'll feel better. Just gotta get it moving. Does she understand at all why she needs these new meds? That they'll make her belly feel better? I guess I'm trying to get a feel for how much my son will understand in a year or so. He may be so used to the medication process that he won't fight it, but I doubt that very much.

Hope things get going soon and you can break out of "jail"!

The Stallings' Clan said...

You always feel better once the "trains" start moving (I'm quoting Mark on this one). Maybe once that starts you can both get out and enjoy this nice weather!

Bridgett said...

No, if she's impacted, food is probably the last thing she wants. I really hope you can get it out of her soon.

Have they thought of trying an enema? I know it's not pleasant, but the loose stools coming out aren't going to help any. And the oral stuff works, but usually not super well on impactions.

In the meantime, all that stool sitting in there for days is creating all sorts of nasty bacteria. It's no wonder her belly is hurting.

Please keep us updated.

Have a good Sunday, doll.


Susie said...

Hope Summer starts to feel better and goes to the bathroom good enough to make her belly feel better. I'm glad to see that you have a great family support to take over for you when you are over whelmed.

Stephycce said...

Aww Hope she's feeling better by tomorrow!