Thursday, May 14, 2009

3rd Birthday Party

Summer's party was awesome! It could not have been more perfect in any way I think. All of her friends showed up - Willow, Mason, Liliana, Katelyn, Ashton, Aiden, Gavin, & Katie. I guess Leah and Jonathon are her friends too even though they are really family. It was so nice for so many friends and family to come and celebrate her 3rd birthday. I really can't believe she is three now although she totally looks like a three year old. She could probably even pass for four she is so tall.

Summer and I showed up at the park around 5:15 and she helped me unload the car. It took a lot of trips, but she was right there by my side helping me never complaining once. When we were almost done, two of her friends showed up so they all went to the playground to play while my friends helped me finish getting the pavilion decorated.

During the party, the kids played with sand toys. They played on the playground. Some ventured down to the water and took a dip or just wet their feet. They also played horse shoes and blew bubbles. Of course they all chowed down when it was time to eat. I think the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were a hit with them. The adults ate up all the chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches too. The only thing left at the end of the party was a few pimento cheese sandwiches and some chips. There were only two pieces of Summer's cake and a few slices of Amanda's cookie cake left too. Not too much cake which is a good thing because I don't need the extra calories. I am always the one to eat the left over sweets in my house. LOL

At the end of the party, we had a pinata which could not have been more perfectly timed. The kids loved taking turns pulling the strings. The last one did not burst the pinata all the way open, so I got to help a little too. :) The kids dove after the candy and prizes. It was cute. They put their goodies in goody bags and then went off to enjoy them. The candy was especially good to Kately and Liliana who found a bench where they could sit and eat it. It was so cute to see them devouring the candy. None of it looked too good to me.

It was such an AWESOME party! The weather, the place, the friends, the family, the food.

Everything was perfect! I do wish Clint's parents and my dad could've been there too, but you can't have everything. I don't think Summer was disappointed that she did not get to have her party at Candyland. She had a blast and that is what counts. Enjoy these pics from the party....

Building a castle with Auntie, Memaw & Leah.
She knocked it down shortly after.Leah, Jonathon, Summer and Auntie are the first in the water.
Ashton, Aiden, Katelyn, Liliana & Summer are ready to eat
The Barney stamper was better than the cake apparently. :)

Time for presents....only the older children were really interested, besides Summer that is. :)
Summer plays horse shoes with Katie & Gavin. Summer is too busy trying to stand her stick in the sand to pose with Willow. Liliana & Katelyn get their feet wet in a bucket of water. I love responsible adults who actually watch out for the kids. Luckily our friends are all good parents.
Gotta love pull-string pinatas!!!
Glad to see no one is fighting over the goodies.Summer & Katie with their goody bagsWillow & Mason liked the blowers! Clint trying to see if he can get any candy out of the kids. :p
Cleaning up the beach area before we left I found this...some misspellings, but cute!The wagon was nice to gather the toys with! Glad I splurged for it. Amanda turned 19 the day of the party ~ Lexie is 7 1/2 monthsCouldn't leave Amanda out.....


Susie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. You all deserved it. I'm glad that Summer was feeling up to it.

Bridgett said...

That looks so much fun!

Summer is a lucky little girl.

Loved all the pictures!


Stephycce said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! That's great! Both my kids birthdays are during the winter so no fun outside parties.


Tiffany said...

Great pics! Looks like she had a fun party!