Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Monday, another possible admission

Well, we go again today to see if Summer's counts are high enough for admission. I think we will try a finger prick today since last week was pretty crappy having to be accessed twice and then deaccessed an hour or so later. So, if Summer is up for it, finger prick it is. It is sad how quickly she hides her hands behind her back knowing she will have to give one up, but not wanting to.

She spent most of the weekend at my mom's house. I got her back at church yesterday only to have her ask me on the way home when she was going back to Memaw's to spend the night. I told her maybe next Saturday. She said, "Can I stay two nights?" LOL She is so smart. And apparently crazy about Memaw & Nanny.

Yesterday after we ate lunch (I made her mashed potatoes & corn), we went to see a play called "The BFG" shorty for the big friendly giant. It was cute although she was a little frightened and sat in my lap the whole time. Some of the characters had these scary masks on top of their heads so whenever they were on stage she was a little tense. I think she enjoyed it, but not as much as "Go Dog Go." Maybe if it didn't have the scary masks, she would've been okay. Of course, she was scared before she even saw them. For some reason, she does not have a good image of giants. My dad went with us which was nice since Clint was busy changing the oil in my car and washing it. Yay for that!!!! I just wish he would've had time to do the inside. Maybe sometime this week I can convince him to do that if we are inpatient.

I really hope they keep us today because I want to get this over with. I have a feeling that even if her platelets are low, they will take us and just give her platelets today. Of course, nothing in life is certain. Except for death and taxes....sad, isn't it?

We are starting the day with smiles on our faces anyway. Summer got up at 6:00 a.m. today after falling asleep shortly before 6:00 p.m. last night. What a long night's sleep! Needless to say there was no convincing her to go back to bed because she wasn't sleepy. She did let me go back to bed for a little while after I hooked her up with some frosted mini-wheats, apple juice, and cartoons. Yay again!

Pray we have a good week and she is not too sick from the chemo, Lord willing we get to start it.


Joe & Molly Burnam said...

Hi Jen - just sending some good thoughts out for you guys! Hope the counts are up today. M

Susie said...

Praying all goes well today. I know you must be anxious to get it all done with. I know I would be. You are so patient though.

Stephycce said...

Your in my thoughts hope it's a good day!!


Stephanie said...

Praying for you guys! Hope all went well today and you were able to get it all done :)

Bridgett said...

As usual, I'm way behind. Hope you were able to be admitted.

Fingers crossed!