Friday, May 15, 2009

Okay, so I learned something new

Okay, so aparently if you start a post but don't post it before you write and post another one, it is still shown as being an older post. So, if you want to read about and see pics of Summer's 3rd birthday party, scroll down two posts. Trust me you want to!!!

Also, her platelets were still 69,000 so no chemo until next week. We got back on Monday for admission....hopefully. I am thankful to have the weekend off. Relay for Life is tonight and tomorrow there is a kid fair we may go to.


Bridgett said...

Hey...a free weekend!
Sounds good to me. :D


Stephanie said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and rest!

Endo Girl said...

you can edit the date and time to put posts in their correct spot.

Kathie said...

I loved the Birthday pictures! It looks like y'all really had a blast and I'm glad Amanda got to celebrate w/ y'all! Love the cake - where did you get it? And, was this at Chesterfrost Park or the Dam? I haven't decided if I'll have Alyssa's 2nd Bday in Chatt. or here, so I'm scoping out the options.

Glad you got a free weekend before heading back to the hospital! Give Summer a big B'day kiss from us!!