Friday, May 29, 2009

Nap time

Summer just fell asleep on the couch beside me. She has been up pretty much all day, but is still not doing much. We read some books this morning before I went to workout. When I got back from the gym, a nurse came in and said she was here to take her to x-ray. I was completely confused and called the nurse to see if they were taking the right person. Sure enough, they were. The doctor ordered an x-ray since Summer has been coughing. The only time I have noticed a cough is when she gets upset about taking meds or something similar. Then she will cough and sometimes end up throwing up, but sometimes not. So, I guess that is why they did the x-ray. I still haven't heard anything about the results, but I am curious to see if they saw anything in her lungs.

She has been complaining of belly pain all day. It is still above her incision, in the middle of her belly. I assume this is where her stomach is. I told her to try some yogurt or chocolate milk and maybe that would help. Not sure if it really would, but she does need any calories I can get into her. Anyway, she took one sip of chocolate milk and told me it didn't work. That was the end of that. :) I tried to explain to her it wasn't going to help right away, but she didn't seem to care about my explanation. All she knew was her belly still hurt and she was done with the milk. :( Before we were even aware she had cancer, she occasionally complained of belly pain too. The doctors never really seemed concerned then when I told them before, so I am guessing it might just be something she will have to live with. That is, unless one of the doctors decides to explore the cause of the pain further. Even then, it might not be fixable.

She wanted me to bring her some grapes when I came back from taking a shower, but the store did not have any seedless grapes. I did get her a big cookie from Panera which she said she would eat later. She was so excited to see it. She said it was the best cookie ever and compared it to the size of her head. Go me!!! She did take two or three small bites of it, but then put it up for later. I just hope I don't end up eating it first. LOL

I was hoping she would feel up to going out to the rooftop garden today, but she just said she didn't "feel very well." I am not really looking forward to another lonely Friday night in the hospital, but it may end up being just that. If she doesn't get to feeling better, she will probably end up sleeping through it and I will play Spider Solitaire a hundred times and never win. Oh well, at least I do have Spider Solitaire. When I get tired of losing, I switch to another game, but I always find my way back to SS. It is the challenge that I enjoy. Maybe tonight will be my lucky night and I'll have an actual win or two. :)


the mol said...

I am SO jealous of the rooftop garden. I wish we had something like that here.

My solitaire game is Baker's Game. I win slightly less than half the time.

Bridgett said...

Keep us updated about the x-ray, okay?


Stephycce said...

Hope the X-rays turn out to be nothing!