Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last ones out, first ones in

Yesterday, we were the last to leave the clinic. Today, we are the first ones here. We arrived around 7:45 this morning because Summer is running a fever and vomiting. So what I am wondering is, did I jinx myself or was it already happening???

She vomited in the bed before midnight. Then, she got up around 3:00 to do it again. I took her temperature because she was feeling hot and it was 100.3. I knew we were going to be admitted today, but I wanted to at least finish out the night at home. She got in our bed and I actually ended up going to get in her bed after a while because she was so hot and hogging my side of the bed. :) Around 6:30 she got up throwing up again, and I hopped out of her bed to help her. I took her temperature and it was 100.5. I called the clinic and they told me to just come here first instead of the hospital because they didn't want her to get lost in the shift change. I gave her some Ibuprofen after I got off the phone, but I found out that was the wrong thing to give. The nurse here told me I should only give her Tylenol because the Ibuprofen can hurt her stomach and cause her platelets not to work right. Now I know.

So, here we are. Summer has been doing crafts and playing since we got here. We've gotten the really unpleasant stuff over with too. :) While the nurse was finishing up, Summer informed her of the three things she "hates" (I really don't like it when she uses that word although I'm guilty of using it myself). Luckily, we only have to do one more of those things today.


Stephanie said...

Thinking of you guys today..sounds like you're popular at the clinic right now :) Hope those days are over soon and you'll be able to stay and enjoy each other at home! Hope Summer begins feeling better soon!!!!

the mol said...

I really wish that we had started our morning at the center instead of in the ER. I "hate" (there's that word again) the ER! Everyone in the center and most of the people on the pediatric floor are very competent and they know our boy well. The ER people are just not that bright.

Hoping that she gets better soon!

Stephycce said...

Oh no :( I'm sorry hun!
Should have read ahead before commenting on the last one :(
Hoping she gets better fast!

Bridgett said...

If it makes you feel better, I'd give ibuprofen any day over Tyelenol.

Tylenol decreases glutathione levels which prevents a body from detoxing properly. God knows she needs to detox right now with that toxic chemo in her body.

There just aren't any right answers, are there?

I'm sorry about the fever. :(