Monday, May 4, 2009

Going home today

Summer is getting one last antibiotic, Ceftriaxone, before we leave the hospital. Of course, I am excited to go, but she is not. Nothing unusual there because going home means being de-accessed. I hope we don't have to come back later today or this week for that matter, but it is possible if her fever returns. This morning it was 99.1 which I guess isn't really a fever they are worried about. We have to go to the clinic on Wednesday, her birthday, for a blood check. Maybe her counts will be up by then and we can discontinue the shots. That would be a great birthday present! Some of our friends visited us last night (Thank you!!!) and they got to witness her getting a shot. She was her usual unhappy self until it was over. I think her counts are in the 200's today so that means they are on there way back up. Yay!!! She still shouldn't go in public places or around a lot of people, but they are headed in the right direction. We may take a trip to the carousel today if it isn't raining. It is usually pretty empty during the day so I will just take a handful of antibacterial wipes to disinfect the animals she rides. We never get out of there with just one ride. :)

I am still thinking I am going to hold off on having her party until next week since her counts are still low. I'd rather be safe than sorry. She says she wants a chocolate Barney cake so that is what I will get. Don't know if I should go with the Barney shaped cake I got made last year or get a square cake from Wal-Mart. Decisions, decisions. I still have to decide what to give her too. I have a closet full of things to choose from so at least I don't have to go shopping. I like to shop ahead especially when I find things on sale. I am a CRAZY clearance shopper. Clearance aisles always get me in trouble, well they would if we were broke. Thankfully we are not yet. :)

She is eating like a horse today. She woke up and wanted a Popsicle so she called the nurses station and asked for an orange one. Then she ate some macaroni and cheese left over from yesterday. She had half a jar of spaghetti, 3 peanut butter cookies, 1/2 a sugar cookies and a couple of bite of other noodles. She has also had two apple juices. She weighed 31.4 last night which was up almost a pound from the day before. Woo-hoo!!!! It looks like we are not going to be getting a feeding tube anytime soon.

Well, her antibiotic is done so we are ready to get out of here. Now comes the not so fun part: de-accessing the port. :(


Tricia said...

Hoping you all can return home and stay home! I bet she will enjoy a ride or two, and heck she deserves one I think. lol
Keep us posted and many hugs to Little Miss Summer!

Kathie said...

So glad you are home now!! I'd love some ideas for Summer's Birthday!!?? Does she have all of the Barney DVD's(yet)? I know what you mean about Clint singing Barney...The songs are in my head all the time too, especially when I'm trying to go to sleep at night....LOL.

Stephycce said...

YAY home home home!
Bet your relieved!
Glad she's eating.
And I agree wait a week for her party till her counts up.


Stephanie said...

Yay for home!!!! Praying for you all.

Bridgett said...

Yay! Home!

And wow...she eats more than I do! LOL

She weighs almost as much as my 4.5 year old daughter! :D


Tiffany said...

Glad she gained some weight and didn't lose any. I'm sure a feeding tube would be horrible.