Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"You don't always get your way"

Words I use, words my daughter uses. Today we were headed to Chuck E Cheese when I heard them. I asked her if I should get a frappuccino from Starbucks. She said, "No." I asked if I was not a good mommy. She said I was, but "You don't always get your way." I heard the words I had spoken to her sometime last night or this morning. I guess she learned and wanted to make sure it applied to me too.

She is in the other room having a sleepover with Leah in the living room. Whenever she gets upset, she says, "I'm never going to play" as if it will help her get her way. She repeats it if she doesn't think her point has been made or her way gotten. I just try to ignore it and hope she works it out of her system. It is kind of funny because she will sit in there and whine and argue with herself (or Leah).

Today at Chuck E Cheese, I had another one of those "she's lucky to have cancer moments." I know, it is crazy to say something like that. But, I still feel we are very blessed and live a blessed life despite having two cancer diagnosis' in my immediate family in the past two years. We have had our activities limited, but so many organizations have given us lots of fun activities to do that we wouldn't have done otherwise. Last night, we got to go to the Jack Hanna thing at the zoo and it was awesome. We got to see an armadillo, a wallaby, a dingo, and several other animals we don't have at our local zoo. Wish they would've left them! It was neat although Summer was ready to go before it was over since it was more of a lecture / animal show. She wanted to get home and play her bedtime game (Hannah Montana). On the way home, I convinced her to settle for Ice Cream. Her daddy played too.

She keeps telling on Leah and saying she is still "driving her crazy." Oh my! I have got my hands full with her. Glad to see her using her imagination. Just hope she puts a more positive spin on things soon. Today, she told me she was mad because of the rain. I told her it wouldn't do any good because the rain would still be there. Still, she insisted she was mad. LOL

Oh yeah, some more good fortune came our way. Today, we got a call from The Ronald McDonald House telling us Summer won a door prize. So, the thing she was wanting so bad that day (a basket with toys, specifically Simba and Nala with magnetics noses), she is going to get. I was so excited when the lady called. Not only because I had that same toy when I was in high school. I know, I'm a kid at heart. It almost made me want to cry because despite all the cancer worries, we still live a dream life. Miracles seems to always happen. Good things just fall into our laps. No, we don't always get our way, but that's okay.


Susie said...

That is so cute what kids repeat. The things that we don't want them to seems to be what they do. Glad to see that she won what she wanted.

Stephanie said...

It's hard when they're small to understand they can't always get their way. I think part of it is our faults..when they're babies we spend all our time catering to their every need and giving them everything and anything they want..then when they get older we start saying no and they can't understand why. I sure would like to keep them smaller longer :)

Bridgett said...

You have such a positive attitude. It's uplifting and inspiring to me.

And yay for winning door prizes!

BTW...Autumn was mad at the rain today too. It prevented her from going outside and playing this evening. She said, "Mommy, can this rain go pee somewhere else?" LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for blessing my life with your blog.

Chuck Cardwell