Friday, October 9, 2009

Lots of fun and pics

Summer has been feeling pretty good this week so we have been able to get out and have some fun. Last week we went to the zoo. She now wants to be a snow leopard. This is the "secret" she tells me when we read one of her favorite books called "Clap Your Hands." Here is she riding the snow leopard at the zoo carousel.

Her inspiration: the snow leopard at zoo
Willow and Summer check out the goat

Summer loves dogs and wants one REALLY bad. But, not as bad as a cat! Too bad Daddy is allergic. She keeps hoping he will grow out of his allergies. LOL
Her first hay ride of the year is at Camp Agape where the Candlelighters held a fun weekend for local cancer kids and their families
Mommy & Daddy had fun too. Oh yeah, she calls me "Mom." :p
SpongeBob is no stranger to Summer.
Summer loved the puppet show at Camp Agape.
Time to go see some fireworks before we go home. On the way back to our cars, the hay ride was haunted...and we had a wagon full of little kids!
Daddy carries Summer on his shoulders when she gets tired.

The gingerbread house was full of candy!
Summer will let any old bear hug her.

She was so happy with her new puppy "Spots" and her two balloons.
Daddy ate a lot of popcorn!
Summer and Starla brushed the miniature mule.

She's as big as the horses!
Misty (another cancer survivor) rode the barrel train with Summer. Thank you Misty for saving me!!!
Summer played "sports"
She decorated her bag with LOTS of animal stickers.
Time to crawl all over Daddy!
Somedays we get to visit with Lexie who is such a doll. She loves Summer's doll house. She is crawling every where although I hear she is taking a few steps now. Summer told the tech at the dentist yesterday that she had a niece named Lexie. It was cute because for a second I think the lady thought she was making it up.
Summer found her Halloween costume from two years ago and insisted on trying it on. She thinks it still fits. :) Of course, after being in the snug costume a few minutes she was ready to take it off. I'm sure she will not try to put it on again. This year she plans to be a kitty cat princess. I just wonder if she will actually feel like trick or treating. It all depends on when her next chemo ends up being I guess. Who knows? We could be in the hospital with a fever then.
We only had to make one visit to the clinic this week. Ms. Johnny got Summer to wear the pee hat on her head for a picture. She must've been really smooth because I don't think I could've got her to do it. :) And yes, it was an unused hat!
Summer loves to paint. She was so proud of her picture that she wanted to take a picture of it. And she did. All by herself! I see some pumpkin painting in our near future. She is more of a painter than a carver right now. Plus, it is less messy....well for her anyway.
Summer still loves to play tea party at times. She even got out the blanket I made for her that used to be in her bedroom floor. Be careful what you order to drink with her. Sometimes she doesn't have what you want. LOL I don't know why in pretend she can't have everything, but I guess that is just the way it works.
We went outside to play with the silly string we got at the Fun Day last weekend. It was too hard for Summer to spray, so we got off easy and didn't have to worry about making a big mess in front of our building. I was a little relieved because I didn't want to have to clean it up. We will be sending the rest of the silly string to Memaw's for her cousins to play with. I am sure they will be able to spray it.

Daddy got a hair cut, but the clippers died on us so we didn't get to finish until he went and bought new ones. He shaved all his hair off for Summer, but I didn't get a pic. Oh well. He says he is going to keep it like that until hers starts growing back. We'll see.
Summer just had to go have an ice cream after we were done playing. She got chocolate with peanut butter cups in it. We went to another ice cream place the other day and she got chocolate peanut butter ice cream with reeses pieces. The girl likes chocolate and peanut butter just like her mommy. Or, rather mom. She always saves me some, so I never need to order my own unless I just feel like I need the extra calories. Of course, she likes the raspberry sherbert in the freezer too which is something her daddy likes. I guess she is a good mix of us both.
Yesterday, we went to the Crow Creek Pumpkin Patch in Stevenson, Alabama. It was about an hour drive from where we live. The girls had a good time and wore matching shirts that Selena got a friend from high school to make for them. There were lots of slides, swings, a corn crib, and petting zoo. Somehow we skipped the petting zoo. The girls favorite was the corn crib by far. They didn't want to get out of it, but we finally had to make them. We had a nice hay ride to the pumpkin patch and got to see lot of other crops as well. They grow corn, cabbage, various kinds of squash and soybeans in addition to pumpkins and other things. It was quite an interesting trip for sure!
Summer loved all the dogs there. She pet them and kissed them. She also let them kiss her....all over her mouth! She is an animal lover for sure.
She loved to make it rain corn.
We made corn angels together.

We slid together.
She loved the tire swing!

We are riding to pick our pumpkins out.
The girls held hands.
Summer lost her legs in the corn. :)
It was fun, fun, fun! I needed a break though so Summer went to spend the night with Memaw & Nanny last night. We will meet up tonight at the Relay for Life where Summer and another child will lead the survivor lap. Not sure what all this weekend will hold for us, but I'm worn out right now. I say it's nap time!


Kristi J said...

I love to see all the photos of your adventures with Summer! The girl is definitely not short on being entertained! So cute that you are now known as "mom". I remember when my oldest (10) asked if she could start calling me mom a few years ago. Made me so sad, but thankfully she lets "mommy" slip every now and then.

Thanks for sharing some of your memories with all of us! Love seeing Summer so happy and enjoying herself. You are a great mom!

Krissy said...

I love how happy she looks in all the pictures (and so many cute halloween outfits!) and the "pee hat" picture just made me laugh!

Susie said...

I just love these post. The pictures of the family was great.She seems like a very happy girl. She is so lucky to have a fun loving mom and dad. Glad to see all the fun that you all got to have.

the mol said...

Isn't it great when they get to have tons and tons of fun?!

David calls me "Mum" and has for quite awhile. Now sometimes he'll say "Silly Mum" to me (sounding kinda like "see-ee mum").

And in answer to your question, David has already had 5 chemo cycles with Carboplatin and is due for 10 more. His protocol has Cyclophosphamide and Etoposide as a 5-day chemo and Carboplatin 2 day and Etoposide 3 day for the other. 30 cycles in all.

Bridgett said...

Wow, wow, wow, have you guys been busy!

But what fun, memorable times for Summer. :)

I loved the 'corn angels' by the way. LOL


-*aMaNdA*- said...

I love this post.. I love to c how mch fun u all are having with her. I was looking for her kitty here.. i gess she brought it wit her? tell her i said I LOVE HER :) and urry and come HOME!