Friday, October 16, 2009

Cycle 8, Day 1: Doing great

It's Friday night and we are watching Mickey Mouse Villains for the umpteenth time this week. It is kind of a Halloween movie with ghosts and silly stories and such. I hope Summer is over by the end of the month. :) Although I am not tired of it yet, watching it every day is starting to get old. It's about time for some more Barney. LOL She is laying on her new kitty cat pillow case, that Miss Ashley gave her, sucking her thumb and snuggling Teddy. What a beautiful sight!

Summer has done pretty good with the chemo today. She has been on several tricycle rides today and has only had one nap although she has been yawning all day. The drug she got today causes some nausea and vomiting, but so far none. She is on Zophran to help curb that. She hasn't eat much today. A little chicken noodle broth, a few ounces of apple juice and some chicken and rice that Memaw brought her. They are pumping her full of fluids so that may be why she is not hungry/thirsty. She is wanting some grapes right now which of course we don't have. She just called the nurses station to ask for some chicken noodle soup. She likes to do that. She also calls them sometimes when we have a urine sample. They used to not be able to understand her, but they are getting to know her pretty well now. Last night when they weighed her, she weighed 34.6 pounds. That's great! She has handled her last few cycles well with no vomiting at all. Plus she has been able to eat more since she is on Zophran at home too.

Last night some of our friends came and watched her while I went to an auction. They brought her a Piglet doll dressed up as a bunny and a rock with a squirrel in it. The rock is her favorite for sure. Her daddy came after they left and brought her a package of learning and writing tools that one of his friends wife had put together for her. She loved it. It has lots of fun things to help us pass the time either creatively or educationally. Yay! She also got a package from one of her angels today with stickers and a new flashlight. The girl is spoiled! I hope she doesn't go into withdrawal when all of this is done and she is off treatment.

I hope tomorrow goes as smoothly as today. There are different drug tomorrow though. Plus, I have the night off because she asked Memaw to spend the night with her so I could get a "good break." Can you believe that? She is thinking of me. I'm definitely doing something right with her. Anyways, I hope I can enjoy myself and not worry about her all night. We are trying to get some girls together for a girls night out. Keeps the positive thoughts coming our way!


Stephanie said...

How sweet of her to think of you and say you needed a break. You have a precious little girl :)

Hope you guys can get some rest tonight and she continues to not get sick!

Bridgett said...

So glad things are going well so far.

And have fun tonight!!! WooHoo!


Susie said...

Happy to hear all is going well. Prayers are being sent up for you all.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad she got to ride the trike and is feeling good this cycle!!! What a sweet girl to make sure mommy was doing OK! It is awesome her Memaw gets to spend so much time with her!!
Crossing our fingers you guys will be able to celebrate the ENDS!!!