Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pose for the camera

Summer's pumpkins from this year
The multi-faced pumpkin .......

Summer is happy to decorate some luminaries at the Relay for Life in Trenton.
Summer and Noah led the first lap. Somehow I managed to sneak ahead after it started because she would not do it without me!
short video
We brought her tricyle which she rode a few laps.

In case you can't tell, this is a cat. :)

Another cat by Summer. The rainbow was done by Mason and the picture under that by Willow. The kids sure did enjoy decorating these!
Memaw got lots of exercise playing with Summer. Spinning around, dancing, duck, duck, goose, and more!!!!
Fun, fun, fun!!!
Me and my mom
Summer holds the torch in honor of her and her dad. Good thing it wasn't on fire! LOL
My mom and Haleigh (the daughter of my aunt, Beth, who passed from breast cancer)
time to paint pumpkins
The sheep at the Autumn Children's Festival were so soft!
The bunnies were soft too, of course.
The cow, not so soft.
Nope, not that soft!
Climbing the slide
Smiling with anticipation
There she goes...!
She was feeling good!
She did not like the oatmeal creme pie after a few bites.
Lexie, on the other hand, loved it!
Eyes closed and ready for paint.
Time to be crafty
She's a cat
Leah watches
Having a sleepover with Leah
watching TV with Leah
She LOVES this dress!
The horse was one of her favorites at Chuck E Cheese (when I finally got her on it).
She carried this whole package all the way to the car when we picked it up from the Ronald McDonald House. It was big, but she was so excited to get it!
She just had to take a picture of me which turned out okay so I'll share it.
Notice the pillow she is trying to lay Leah on.
Sleeping off the chemo drugs and working her thumb into a bloody mess. Literally.
All done now! Time to play!
The pumpkin sword was a hit. Thank you Angel Sarah!
She voluntarily posed for me in her car seat. Yay!
She LOVES her new dress. So much that she wore it two days in a row!!!
Bubble bath hairdo
She's going bald! LOL
From the back
Hope you enjoyed these!


Kristi J said...

Those are great! Summer looks like such a joyful child! You guys are doing a wonderful job of keeping her busy with fun things!

Susie said...

Love the pictures. Summer did a good job on the pumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, your pumpkins are very cool! Have a good weekend sweetie. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless


Bridgett said...

She is so adorable, Jennifer. And such a happy little girl.

I think it's a testament to her parents that she can be so happy and carefree after going through 8 cycles of chemo.

Simply lovely. :)