Thursday, October 15, 2009

She made counts!

Tomorrow Summer starts cycle 8 of chemo. HER FINAL CYCLE!!! It is quite exciting to be at the end, but nerve racking too. She'll have a scan in a month and then every three months after that. All of the "big" oncology rooms are closed right now because of some renovations going on in the floor above them. So, we are in a part of of the floor we have never been in before. It is only nice because it is close to the parent kitchen. Unlike the big rooms, regular hospital rooms do not come with your own little fridge. So it is good be right across the hall. Still, there will be bathroom problems I'm sure. Getting there can be quite frustrating when you have to tote a three year old and their IV pole through a small space.

There is a Last Chemo sign on Summer's hospital door (room 329). We are both excited to have this underway although she did put up quite a fuss for the finger prick and port accessing today. She's never gotten used to them.

Please pray and send lots of positive thoughts our way the next few days as she gets ICE (her chemo regimen). Last time she hallucinated and lost control of her body and would NOT go to sleep. I hope the chemo does not have any long lasting effects on her body. I am so scared of the long term side effects she is yet to experience, but I'm not going into that right now. I gotta get back to my baby. Memaw stopped by for a few minutes so I ran home to change. Have I mentioned that Memaw rocks? Because she is the bomb!!!


Stephanie said...

I am so glad that this is finally coming to an end! I hope it goes well!

the mol said...

Hooray for last chemo!!!!

We are going to check again tomorrow to see if we can go in for lucky number 13.

I'm glad that she will soon be done with this phase. You know as well as I do that it's never "over" but you get to move on.

It makes us (the moms/dads and the little patients) grow up quite a bit.

Sadly, as you probably saw, David is very accustomed to the port access.

Susie said...

Great news. Glad to hear she will be starting her last chemo. I will definately be praying for all to go well.

Stephanie said...

Hooray for last chemo! Praying for you both!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Yay, YAY!!! I'm so glad she is nearing the end of her treatment!!! Praying she tolerates everything well and is up and running around and riding the trike all over soon!!!

Take Care!!

Demaris and Nik!

Bridgett said...

You've made it! I still remember when you had all these cycles ahead of you and how overwhelmed you were feeling.

Now, it's almost finished.

I hope it goes well and I hope she doesn't have the effects this time. I know that must be scary.

Good luck!