Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New cat in the house

Yesterday after our trip to the clinic, Summer and I went to eat at Olive Garden where she ate lots of black olives. That is her favorite part of going there. She also had lasagna, a family favorite. Then we went to Target to spend the gift card she got at the survivor banquet. At first she picked out a mini etch-a-sketch and a Little Pet Shop kitty you can draw on. We were browsing all the aisles when she saw the most perfect toy in the world: a FurReal kitty cat. It purrs, it meows, it moves. She was so excited when she found it that she didn't question whether or not to put the other toys back. She wanted the cat! Lucky for her it was only 49.99. Yikes! Her gift card was for $50 so the cat took up the whole thing. Oh well, now she is happy and we only have 1 more toy instead of 3 or 4. She is on the couch now with Leah (the cat) eating blueberries. They have already been to Florida on vacation this morning. Leah also got to play a new game Summer got from one of her angels with us last night. It is pretty fun. I think it is called Ice Cream. There is a little scoop with 3 flavors and you push the button and it spins. Then you have to turn over the same flavor of ice cream on the cards in the floor. Very easy and fun. It beats the Hannah Montana game she has. It was fun in the beginning, but we know ZERO answers on the questions except for the repeat questions we've already seen from playing. LOL The challenges are still fun, but Summer gets upset when I want to fast forward through the first few that we have already done a million times. She likes things to go in the order they are supposed to I guess.

The cat keeps meowing. :) I'm so glad we don't have to deal with the harder parts of having a cat: feeding and cleaning up poop. Clint is already feigning allergies to the new cat. Summer dressed up like a cat too yesterday when she was playing with Leah. She was the mommy cat. We got her a new kitty cat accessory kit yesterday. I also had to paint her face with blue whiskers and a red nose. I'm glad she is already getting some use out of her Halloween costume.

Today we are going to have a picnic per Summer's request. She always wants to have one. I think we will take her frisbee too and play with it for a while. I just hope it is not too muddy at the park. I offered to take her to the movies, but a picnic was all she wanted. I'm sure it will lead to a couple of carousel rides too. After that I hope she is tired enough to take a nap because we were invited to the zoo tonight to see a special event with Jack Hanna. I want her (and me) to be refreshed so that we can enjoy it. She has not been consistently taking naps like she used to. :( I really need that time for me.


Bridgett said...

My daughter has one of those fur-real cats too. LOL

They ARE expensive....but man, do they look real at times. Autumn's is all white with blue eyes, I think.

And wooHoo! I'd love to see Jack Hanna. How fun! Hope you guys have a great day.

Stephanie said...

How cute!!!!!! You'll have to take pictures so we can see Summer and her kitty :)

Anonymous said...

I told Leah all about Summers' new cat and she was sooo tickled :) She is honored that Summer would name it after her...lol. I am so glad that you guys have been making the most of your time off!! I just hate that we haven't been able to spend much time with you guys with all the sickness we keep running into :( Leah and Jonathan miss her so much and so does her auntie!!!!!
from all of us, hope to see you soon. Love you guys :D

Kristi J said...

My daughter has a FurReal cat, and I think the meowing got to her after a while..or a week anyway. The cat is now stuffed into the back of the closet. Ha! I hope Summer really enjoys hers though..they are cute.