Monday, October 5, 2009

Counts too low for chemo, party time!

Well, maybe not party time, but fun time this week! Summer is feeling good and eating good. She weighed 33 pounds today which is awesome. Her white counts are coming up (2.2) and she only has 3 more shots this cycle. They are still too low for public indoor activities right now (ANC 400), but will be good by the end of the week. Her platelets are still low at 20,000, but they did not give her any today. We are just waiting on them to come up now. They are not even going to try to start chemo this week. She goes back Monday for another try. I am so excited to have the rest of the week off from going to the clinic. We never get to go just once a week.

We have lots to do this week, just as we did over the weekend. Camp Agape was awesome! Summer really enjoyed it, as did Clint and myself. The Candlelighters did an awesome job with it along with the help of several churches. We did not end up spending the night, but next year we will definitely take the pop-up and stay over. They had the best petting zoo I've ever seen with a raccoon, ground hogs, chinchillas, a monkey, a parrot, bunnies, geese, chickens, miniature horse, donkey, & mule, cows, goats, a dog, a cat, pigs. Loved it! Summer's favorite part was the gingerbread house where she scored a big bag full of candy. We also left with about 5 more stuffed animals than we started with. The weather was perfect. A lot of Summer's cancer patient friends were there along with SpongeBob and Elmo. I was very impressed and honored to be there even though you gotta have a kid with cancer to go.

Summer spent Saturday night with her Memaw. She came home yesterday to find her niece Lexie here. We had a good day together playing. The neighbor even brought her baby over for a little bit. I sure do enjoy kids although I don't think I'd want a house full all the time. Can't say I don't ever want another little one myself, but the clock is ticking and I don't wanna be 40 and having a baby. I want to know my grandkids too! We'll see what life thing is for sure, you can never count on it to turn out exactly as you plan. Someone else might just have other plans.


Bridgett said...

Yay! A free week. That's awesome. Enjoy every single minute.


Susie said...

Great news about freedom, enjoy!!