Monday, October 26, 2009

I've Got a Cling-On!

I could tell Summer's counts were low before we even made it to the clinic today. She has been super clingy to me since Friday. She ended up going to poker night with me on Saturday because the thought of being away from me brought her to tears. It turned out okay though because there was a little dog there for her to play with. Yesterday, we went to see the new puppy that Memaw and Nanny got her. When she saw the pictures on the phone that Memaw sent, she wanted to name it Bark. But, (luckily) when she saw the dog, she said her name was Scratch. She wanted to spend the night with Memaw, so I left her there. Later in the evening, I got a call from her. She was missing me so bad that she had Memaw and Nanny bring her home. That was a first for her (and hopefully a last). We had a good snugly evening together. She fell asleep in my bed and was transferred to her bed when Daddy came to bed. A few hours later, she was back. After a while, I took her back to her bed, but an hour or so later, she was back again. When she is feeling bad, I guess there is no place else like being with me. I'm enjoying all the snugly love though (although the whiny voice not so much). She is emotionally fragile when she does not feel good and the littlest things can bring her to tears. I can't wait until she is feeling better, but I'll enjoy the snuggling in the mean time.

She needed blood and platelets today. Her hemoglobin was 6.9 and her platelets were about 13,000. Her white counts are in the dumps too at .2. So, we will be staying at home this week trying to dodge the fever that will land us back in the hospital. Not sure if she will be up to trick or treating by the end of the week, but if she is not, we may just go to a trunk or treat at church. Or, we may even stay home. We'll just have to wait and see.

BTW - if you have not done so and would like to vote for Clint and Summer (or another picture) in The Look of Love themed photo contest, hop on over to this blog. They are picture #8, just in case you can't tell. :) To vote, you need to leave a comment on that post voting for them. Today is the last day.


Susie said...

That is so sweet that she wants to be around you all the time. She knows who was there for her all the time. Enjoy it because they grow up so fast.

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet girl! Love her original name for the puppy....adorable how their minds work.

Bridgett said...

Poor baby. She needs her mommy. :)