Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yes, we are there!

We arrived at our vacation rental last night around 9:00 p.m. We had a slight delay on the way when we hit several downpours and could hardly see the road. When we got to Savannah, some streets were flooded which slowed us down more. We stopped to eat at Dairy Queen and saw a rainbow on the way out. It was almost a double rainbow, but we could barely see the second one. It was beautiful. Wish I had my camera cord so I could download a pic. After settling into our rental, we headed to the beach even though it was dark and we could barely see. Then we came up to the room and crashed.

Summer was up at 2:30 a.m. complaining of belly pain. When I offered her a Zophran pill, she said she just thought she was hungry. So, I warmed up the left over chicken fingers from Dairy Queen and she ate them with BBQ sauce. YAY!!! When she got up in the morning, her belly was hurting again. She hasn't taken the Zantac since probably Saturday or Sunday so I'm not sure if that is why or not. I've gotta get her to take it, but she has been gagging on the yogurt with the crushed pill in it lately so I took a little break from trying.

Today she has eaten more. She had 1 1/2 hot dogs for lunch. For dinner she had some garlic bread which is what she is eating now. She only ate a bite or two of the spaghetti I made for dinner. (Yes, I cook on vacation!) Then she was "full." But, a minute later she was eating a Fudge Round.

Well, we are headed out to check out the big rocks on the beach. Did I mention there are tons of shells on the beach??? Yes, I am in heaven!!! It is so good to see my little girl smiling again too. I couldn't ask for anything more. Well, I could, but I won't. :)


Stephycce said...

That's Great that she's eating! Maybe it just took getting her away for awhile.
Enjoy yourself!!


Susie said...

Glad to hear that she's eating and you are having a good time. Continued in prayers that things will continue to go well.

Bridgett said...

Hey, fudge rounds are much more appetizing than spaghetti, mommy! LOL

Have a great time!


Anonymous said...

Tell Summer to bring me a shell.