Monday, July 6, 2009

No day to recuperate

It was straight into the hospital for us. Of course, we knew it was going to be this way last week when we left. She starts cycle 5 of chemo tomorrow so she had to be admitted today for fluids. Yesterday on the way home from Florida, she asked if she only had one more cycle of chemo. I told her there were 4 more. Boo. She also commented about how her hair hadn't grown back. I guess she thought vacation was long enough for it to grow back?? I guess she is ready for it to be back. I wonder if she notices when kids stare at her. I know I do, but it is just part of life for the time being. I noticed in one of the pictures below that the kids in the lazy river were staring. Oh well, I can't say I've never done it. You just never realize how much it goes on until you are the one being stared at and/or whispered about. This cancer thing really opens your eyes a little lot.

I can't really recall what to expect this week from the chemo, but maybe I'll do a little looking back if I have time. Things really get jumbled after a while. But, there is light. We are on the downward slope. We'll be on cycle 8 before we know it!

On the way to the Dr. this morning, Summer muttered "I hate going to the doctor." I asked her what she said and she was all "nothing." Poor girl. She is doing good all in all. Although, not as bright at times, her spirit is still shining. She will get through this and be stronger for it. We just have to manage to keep a smile on our faces during the mean time. Some days it is easier than others, but everyday contains at least a few!!! :)


Susie said...

Praying that all things go well this week.

Stephanie said...

Bless her heart...she'll have long beautiful hair in no time now! I hope she knows she's just as pretty without hair though!!!!!

Thinking of you guys tonight and in the days to come.


Bridgett said...

Your attitude continues to amaze me.

I'm sorry you had to go straight to the hospital, but you're right...the worst is over. You're on the downward slope now, baby!!!

Best of luck this cycle.


Stephycce said...

Good luck!!!