Monday, July 27, 2009

And away we go....

Summer's counts were up to 280 this morning. She did not need any blood or platelets, but still has to keep the shots up for two more days. I told the Dr. that I wanted to wait until next week to start cycle 6 since she is still below 30pounds (29.9 this morning). I am hopine we can fatten her up a bit this week so that she will be in better shape going into her next cycle. Her counts are not up enough to start until probably the end of the week anyways, so I don't think a few more days will hurt. Sooooooooooo, I decided to invite my sister and nephew to go a on quick beach trip while we wait on Friday to get here. That is when she goes back for counts again. We are on our way and it seems like we will never get there. The "how much longers?" are coming every 5 minutes. LOL

Summer started eating more over the weekend, but is still not eating like a starved child like she usually does when a chemo cycle is almost over. I actually had Clint go buy some hotdogs last night because that is what she likes eating right now. I believe those are the first hotdogs we have ever bought for Summer to eat. She does eat them at my mom's or other places, but they are definitely not something we keep in the fridge. I hope her appetite increases more in the next few days.

This week should be fun and relaxing I hope. In the meantime, can I get another, "Are we there yet???" :)


Kristi J said...

I'm so happy to hear her appetite has picked up some! Good news. Do you think she would like corndogs (the concept of the hot dog on the stick might be fun for her). I actually buy Morningstar veggie corn dogs for my kids and they LOVE them more than regular corn dogs (and we are NOT a vegan family). Anyway, whatever she will eat to keep up her weight is just great.

Can't wait for all of this to be over and you all can get back to a "normal" life with no chemo and a completely healed little girl.

Praying for you daily!

Stephycce said...

Gain weight summer vibes coming your way!!
Whoo hoo for the beach I'm jealous! Enjoy yourself!


P.S Are we there yet?

Anonymous said...

Are you there yet?


Susie said...

Yay is all I can say. Praying things keeps going well.

Bridgett said...

Awww...hope you're having a great time!!!

Brightest blessings.