Thursday, July 16, 2009

High fevers

Summer has been running a high fever since yesterday. I think the highest it got up to was 102.9 under her arm. So, that's almost 104 if taken orally. Too bad the mouth sores (or maybe just a tired of being poked and prodded little girl) aren't allowing us to take it in her mouth. This is the highest I remember her fever ever being. So that makes me think it may be something more than just being neutropenic this time.

She finally ate something at 10:00 last night shortly after she vomited (for the first time that day). She hadn't eaten since lunch the day before so I was glad to hear her ask for something even though I was ready for bed. She drank most of the broth of the chicken noodle soup she requested and had a few sips of Sprite in between. Before that she had only drank a little water and about an ounce of apple juice all day. Good thing they have the fluids pumping into her.

Yesterday was an extremely long day for me. We were in the clinic from 8:30 a.m. until almost 3:00 p.m. waiting on a room. We initially came in for blood, but she didn't even start getting it until 4:00 yesterday afternoon. I was a little frustrated by this seeing as we were just sitting around all day waiting. She did get a dose of antibiotic (for the fever) around noon, but that was it. She needed her Neupogen shot too which I told them, but it never arrived. When we got to our room, I told the nurse and she got it for us. (btw-Ms. Linda is an awesome nurse!!!) The funny thing is the clinic was SOOOOO slow yesterday. I bet they didn't see 10 patients all day and they had 3 nurses. So, not sure what was going on, but I hope next time they are a little better at getting things done and not just waiting until we get a room to do what we came in for. Especially when we show up first thing in the morning. I mean we could've just stayed home and waited until a room was ready rather than twiddling our thumbs all day (well, not actually). :(

She got sick again around 2:30 this morning. It amazes me how good she is about puking in the appropriate place, especially since she is only 3. I guess she can feel it coming on and lets me know so I can grab the puke bag. She is usually holding Teddy when the urge hits and somehow he has managed to stay clear of all puke. Of course the first thing I do when I realize what is about to happen is remove Teddy. Lord knows we don't want him puked on cause he is a real comfort to her. That and her left thumb. Not sure what she would do without either of them.

Today is the funeral for Jayden. My mom is planning on spending the night at the hospital with Summer tonight so that will allow me to go pay my respect to his family. I know it will be hard, but I feel it is the right thing to do. If it was my kid, I'm sure I would want others to be there. So, I am not going to take the easy road and skip it. I just hope I don't get a turn at burying my child. Life would be so dark and gray then without my sunshine. Please keep Jayden's family, as well as all the kids with pediatric cancer, in your prayers. God doesn't need to hear specific names to answer prayers. He knows who they are.


Stephanie said...

Praying she feels better today and that the fever isn't telling us there's something else there!

Praying for Jayden's family today...i can't imagine what they're going through!

the mol said...

We REALLY hope that it isn't anything else other than a spot of neutropenia. These port infections are NOT fun.

I'm amazed that at her age she knows how to go for the puke bag. There's about a 15 month difference between our kids and I can't yet imagine David being as grown-up as Summer is.

And yes, it crosses our minds as well, that one of these times we'll check into the hospital and he'll never come home again. It's our reality. Let's just keep praying and hoping that the letters NED remain true.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all today. For Summers fever to go away and Praying for Gods strength and comfort to surrond Jaydens family..for All the pediatric cancer patients out there.

I admire you for going today. It will be hard but that really shows how much you care about them. I went to a little girls funeral a few years ago that died from the same cancer Jayden had. That was the most heartbreaking thing I have EVER been through. But it opened my eyes to alot of things that I think God wanted me to see. Blessings to ALL!!
Jennifer A.

Susie said...

Sorry to hear that Summer isn't feeling well. Hope she feels better soon. I will be praying for you all and for Jayden's family also. It must be hard going through what they are.

Debbie said...

Good morning Summer, this is my first visit to your site but I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that you are feeling better soon. :o)

God bless


Stephycce said...

Aww poor Summer. She'll be in my thoughts.
Glad your going to the funeral.
Her family will appreciate it.

Bridgett said...

Since I'm 4 days behind, hopefully there is more news now.

You guys are, as always, in my thoughts.