Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had a nice weekend. Summer went to Memaw's house Friday night. When we met up with her on Saturday, she was curious as to why she had to go to Memaws - meaning, what did you and daddy do that I couldn't do? :) I told her we went to the movies. She dropped it at that point. She just wanted to know what she missed. After we met up, we headed to the Nature Center to go on an outdoor adventure. It was neat and I almost wish I would've gotten a membership, but I'm not sure we will go back. We have so much to do downtown. We didn't do the Reflection Riding part cause we were rushed. :( We left after a nice walk and headed to Trenton to sign her up for t-ball. I think that starts in about 3 weeks. I am excited, but nervous that she won't like it. Yesterday, Daddy took her outside and let her practice batting and running the bases. Later that day, I sat in the floor and we worked on using the glove to catch a rolling or bouncing ball. Not sure how much she picked up, but I didn't push her to do more than she wanted. She seemed to enjoy it, but didn't really want to hold the glove how I told her too.

We got Lexie on Saturday night and have been enjoying having her around. Me more than Summer because she has to share me with Lexie. This morning we all colored together, but Lexie wasn't really sure what to do at first with the marker. It was fun watching her figure out how it worked, but she mostly preferred taking the lids off the markers. I am so glad we have those Crayola mess-free markers. They rock!!! No marker on anything but the magic paper. I put her on the potty this morning. At first she was freaked out, but then when I put her diaper and pants back on she wanted to get back up there and look at the book I had for her. I cheered for her even though she didn't do anything, but she almost seemed like she wanted to try when I mentioned it to her when I saw her "grunting" as we colored. :) It's hard to know when they can't talk to you, but I know she understands pretty much all I say. Summer is definitely ready to have me all back to herself, but I'll miss Lexie for sure when we take her back home later. She's such a sweetie!

Summer got a Diego Wii game from one of the kids at church on Sunday. She played it this morning and it is definitely easier than the Enchanted Princess and Chipmunk games that we have. I guess I better get back in there. We are going to play Just Dance now. Hope she lets me pick a song or two.


-*aMaNdA*- said...

aw:) im glad that u all are having so much fun together. we havent tried the potty much. im thinking maybe i shld get her one that sings. so she can get on their herself.
the crayons- doesnt surprise me much- she usually prefers to discover what it might taste like. or to see what it looks like on the table. aha. maybe in a cpl mre months.

Bridgett said...

Sounds like some good quality time spent together. :)