Thursday, February 25, 2010

Packing away

I have all of our clothes packed and now am working on random things like chargers and entertainment items. I loved to be prepared for any occasion and hope that I don't end up leaving something I'll actually need. I have been trying to find a sandal type shoe to take for Summer, but haven't yet decided. The girl has soooo many shoes!!! I never did get around to downsizing.

Yesterday, we watched Snow White for the first time. I was going to give it to her for Christmas, but decided to wait until her birthday. However I changed my mind again figuring that now was the perfect time since we could possibly be seeing Snow White herself sometime in the days ahead. We both liked the movie and laughed and laughed at some parts. I think I'll pack it with the DVD's she picked out to take with us which were: Barney Dino Dancin' Tunes, The Cat in the Hat, Mommy & Me playtime, and Alvin & the Chipmunks.

I wanted to share about a giveaway on a fellow blogger's blog. It is for a Diggity Kids Travel Comfort System. I would really love to win one of these myself and wanted to share the opportunity to win with others. Really, I just wanted to get an extra name in the bucket, but join in on the fun if you will. I'm thinking leopard print for my little girl.


Summer said...

Hey girly,
How exciting going to DISNEY!! Kelcee loves the dwarfs part of snow white!! Oh and she loves Alvin and the Chipmunks! Did Summer see the Squeakueal? Kelcee loved it, she shocked me and sat through the whole movie! Have a fun and safe trip! Take lots of pics....
Summer :0)

The Stallings' Clan said...

When we went to Disney we watched Disney movies the whole way down. That was the first Grayson had seen most of them so it helped keep him entertained in the car AND he recognized the characters when we saw them in the park. I sure wish we were going to Disney soon!! Have fun and take LOTS of pictures!

Stephanie said...

You guys are going to have so much fun!!!!! I'm so excited for you!

My kids love Alvin and the Chipmunks-have you taken her to see the Squeakuel yet?

Bridgett said...

Autumn loves Snow White...I'd say she's her favorite after Tinkerbell and Ariel. :)