Monday, February 1, 2010

I got my baby back

Saturday around noon, Clint and I headed to my mom's house to pick up Summer. When we got there, the kids were anxious to go sledding again. We bundled up and headed to what I now know as the sledding hill. As a child, I don't ever remember sledding down this hill in particular. We always went for the steep one at the end of my mom's street. Anyway.....Leah, Summer and myself all loaded up on the sled a few times. One time Scratch went down with us. Then we had a snowball fight. What good packing snow it was this time!!! I got to see the snowman they had built the day before which was awesome. We had some chili for lunch and then headed home because Clint was having a little trouble breathing. On the way home, we decided to head straight to the ER so I called my dad to come get Summer. I was so bummed having to give her up when I had just gotten her back. By the time we got home from the hospital, she was asleep in her bed.

Yesterday, we had a funeral to attend. Summer seemed to handle it pretty well. She wasn't too noisy during the funeral, although she did ask me what all the flowers were for. There weren't as many questions as I thought there would be. We even went to the graveside service which didn't bring on a lot of questions. She had fun stomping the left over snow. Before we left, we made our way over to my Pepaw's grave which wasn't too far away. She wanted to know where he was and I said under you. When we got back in the car, she asked what it was like in heaven. Then she told me she is ready to go there. I am soooo not ready for her to go there, but she is all excited to see what it will be like. So much for playing it up, right?

She got a new porcelain tea party set last week. She is serving me right now. I'm on my second cup. LOL It should be a fun day. I just wish I could shake all these yawns. I think I could sleep for a couple of days right now, but I'm sure I won't get anymore until tonight. Here's hoping a nap is in our future!


Susie said...

Glad to see that you are getting to enjoy your baby girl again. Praying for you all.

Summer said...

I just ran across your blog and I am sooo glad I did! It seems we have lots in common! My name is Summer...I see your precious little girl's name is Summer.
It looks like we both are battling with diseases! YUCKO! I have Dermatomysitis which attacks your muscles, joints, skin and I go to John Hopkins and am on the pill forms of chemo!

Your Summer is just precious and such a trooper! I am gonna try to read all of your blog....I am now a follower! I cried when I read this post!
Hang in there....
Your in my prayers
Summer :0)

Stephanie said...

Yay I'm glad you all are back together!

Praying for you!!!!!!


Bridgett said...

Fun in the snow! Always a good thing.

I hope Clint is doing okay....