Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lovely times

We had a great Valentines day this year. Summer helped pick out gifts for Clint and myself. She got him flowers (Yes!) and picked out a jewelry set for me (Yes again!). I know he was really surprised to see the flowers, but she looked at ALL the Valentine stuff and that is what she ended up with for him. She almost got some chocolate dipped fortune cookies, but put them back and opted for just flowers. I don't think he would've like the fortune cookies any better than the flowers, but they are pretty. I did make sure he got lots of dark chocolate though. :) Summer was surprised at church by a lady who got her a stuffed giraffe and chocolates. She had eyeballed that same giraffe the day before at Wal-mart, telling me how cute it was. Amazing she ended up getting, isn't it? Someone must be watching out for her. She also got a paint craft from her dad and an "I love you" stamper, stickers and a few treats from me.

By the way, her ECHO came back good. Her heart is in good shape and has improved function since the last ECHO they did in August. God is SO good! She still has to go to the clinic monthly for IV antibiotics, but other than that, she is living the carefree life she deserves.

We were hoping to get snowed in at the lake house yesterday, but no such luck. No snow, just a little ice. I guess we should've opted for Memaw's house because she has tons of snow. Summer and I both could use a few more times to sled this year so maybe we'll head up to a friend's house today after a funeral. Tre's dad (Summer's Nanny) died this weekend which Summer was sad to hear. She had made him a card last week and took it to him when she visited him with Memaw and Nanny. It seems that death is all around us, as this is the second funeral we will have attended in the last two weeks (both due to cancer).

She is in the bed coughing now and I can't believe she hasn't gotten up yet. She must have stayed up a little too late last night. I'm not complaining though. I wish she'd stay in bed until at least 8:00 everyday.

She has started a new kissing thing which is really cute. She'll kiss my lips and cheeks. So sweet! Of course, she has been wiping off kisses too lately which is not so cute, but I told her not to worry, I won't run out. :D


Summer said...

I am sooo glad you had a great Valentine's Day! You deserve it! That is wonderful news about Summer's tests! I will keep her and your family in my prayers....

God is Good! Isn't it amazing how he works in mysterious ways....like with the giraffe she wanted and then at church a lady just gave it to her....AMAZING....

Summer is such a cutie :0)

Hope you have a Happy Tuesday
Summer :0)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Wiping off, or rubbing them IN? :)

Glad to hear about the ECHO!

JC said...

Good point Tracey! I'll have to tell her that next time. LOL

Bridgett said...

Good news all around!