Thursday, March 31, 2011

They'll never forget Barney

Or, will they?

Summer and Lexie both loved going to see Barney. They danced and jumped and smiled. Summer also did some pretty intense thumb sucking during the second half. I'm not sure what we are going to do about that, but I think she might even be doing it even more lately. I guess there is nothing we can really do but wait it out anyway. She said she was going to be too old when she was five last month when I asked her. Now, she's not sure that five is going to be the cut off. It's hard to be patient about her quitting sometimes because you don't want your child to be the 10 year old sucking their thumb. But, I guess it really is okay if they do. Two of my aunts sucked their thumbs until they were in high school, and they both turned out to have really good careers and make something for themselves. They are not backwards in the least bit, except for the fact one of them didn't know what draft beer was a few years back. But, I guess that was just innocence which is also a good trait.

Anyway, back to the show. Summer just had to have a Barney shirt on the way into be seated. She chose blue over white. Lexie was wearing Summer's only other Barney shirt. I was so happy when she picked it out of Summer's closet and Summer didn't say no. I would've let her where it anyway, but Summer has come a long way in the sharing department. They still drive me crazy with their "mine"'s sometimes, but I try to halt that rather quickly by asking them not to argue and to be nice. Still, it happens though and the process of teaching them what is and isn't okay continues. It's not the funnest part of being a parent, but a necessary one. Lexie was really proud of the shirt and stuck her belly out to show it off to Pop and PawPaw. Summer put hers on over her clothes, and they were all decked out in Barney gear and ready for a good time. Lexie even brought the Barney that sings "I love you, you love me" with her. For the first part of the performance, Lexie kept him tucked under one arm. The rest of the show he sat in one of our seats. The little boy in front of us had a smaller version that did not sing. He kept eyeballing ours and wanting to play with it.

They were both all smiles when Barney came out on stage. I hope I got at least a few good pics, but it was dark and they weren't facing me so we will see when I get them uploaded. Several times they shots streamers and confetti into the crowd and the girls loved to gather it up and bring it to me to save for later use. They crawled around in the floor in the front of the auditorium and had a grand time cleaning up. They've got a bag full colorful fun that we will be making some sort of craft out of whenever Summer discovers it in the craft cabinet.

I'm pretty sure Summer is up right now. I just heard a door open and close. I figure it was her because she is the only one that re-shuts the bedroom door when they leave the bedroom, besides me. I just called out "Summer" and got a "Yes?" So, times up for me right now.

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