Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outdoor fun and a check up

Summer is outside planting some trees with her PawPaw. She loves being outdoors and will probably be having the time of her life tonight when she goes to her Memaw's. I know the clubhouse that my dad built for us kids years ago will be fun for her and Lexie. Add to that some beautiful weather and it will truly be a paradise for Summer at least. Earlier this week Summer helped me plant some seeds to see if we can grow some pretty flowers in the pots we have. I am hoping they will start sprouting sometime next week so she can see the fruits of her labor.

The girls have been thoroughly enjoying the hot tub. Summer swims around like a little fish and seems to lost all fear of going under water. I am so happy with the swimming lessons she took and how much she progressed in the two sessions. She asked yesterday when they start up again and if she was going to have a new teacher. She'll find out in a week or two when her advanced beginner classes start. I am really thinking about getting her a swim cap, but I never seem to get around to shopping. That is not usually a fun task with two kids in tow and we never seem to have time either. There are just too many other things to do with them.

Summer had a port flush this week. She was a little squirmy when the nurse was accessing her port. She still sits in my lap when she is accessed/deaccessed. I don't think it really hurts since the area is numbed, but I know it is not like a trip to the playground either. Luckily, the rest of the clinic time is usually spent doing something fun like making a craft or playing with toys. She and Lexie had blast playing and having some chocolate pudding for a treat. They draw blood for a CBC when they access the port and all of her blood counts came back good. She doesn't have any problems that we know of from the treatment she received in 2009. She will have another CT scan in June and another in September. Then in December she has an MRI, Echo and EKG too. After that, she has no more CT scans or MRI's. She will go for chest xrays for a few years though and they will monitor her heart yearly too. The children's hospital has just gotten a new CT scanner for the kids. This means they will be getting less radiation when they have their scans which is awesome. Emily's Power For a Cure raised the money and bought it. Summer will have her first scan in it next month. I can't wait to see it even though scans are not a fun time for us.

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