Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barney's Birthday Bash

Tonight we are taking Summer and Lexie to Barney's Birthday Bash. I think I may be as excited as they are, possibly even more. This morning we watched Barney in Concert, and I just had to dance along with them. I hope we get to do that tonight too. Yep, I guess I sound pretty sad a grown woman enjoying Barney, but I know the girls are going to be smiling and having a good time and I just can't wait to see their faces when Barney comes on stage. Lexie has been snuggling one of the Barney dolls we have since she came over yesterday. She just loves to sing the "I love you" song that it plays and even serenaded Clint, Summer and myself last night at dinner. She would look at one of us and say I love you, and then another you love me. It was too cute, and she was precious as always.

Over the weekend, Summer got attend a grand baby sleepover at Memaw's house. She and her cousins had two whole nights together and Summer said she didn't sleep at all, but I have a hard time believing that. She did fall asleep in my lap at church on Sunday morning which was the sweetest thing. She even slept through the last song, and I was singing my heart out too. I had to wake her to tell her it was over and she hopped up and then fell over still drowsy. After church, she and the other youth practiced their songs that they were going to be singing at St. Elmo Courts after lunch. We headed to Mr. T's where everyone but Summer ate pizza. She had chicken wings. Her buddy from church, Sidda, was there and they played with bouncy balls that Sidda kindly bought for her friends using her own money. They took the bouncy balls to the Senior community too and played with them while they waited for the festivities to start. The kids all made bookmarks and some senior citizens showed up to make them too. Most of the kids left theirs for the seniors, but my little princess had to bring hers home. I told her we could use it in the nursery rhyme book since it is so big and we could never read it all in one night. Of course, it is still in the car. :)

Yesterday, we had an early morning tea party. We ate strawberries and girl scout cookies while we sipped our tea. We had a choice of cream, sugar and butter to put in our tea. I chose cream and sugar, and she chose butter and sugar. I think she was just trying to get my goose, but it was ok because all of the serving containers were really just full of water. After we were done eating, we played Bingo with Eddie. We played it the night before too, and I guess she just didn't get enough of it. She won every time we played except the last. She had two other games laid out at the end of our place mats (which she made out of construction paper glued end to end) for us to play. They were Guess Who and I Remember. Sadly, we didn't have enough time to play them before we had to run out and meet up with her daddy. On a good note, Summer did get to eat at Friday's where she wanted to eat the day before. She loves their bruschetta chicken pasta. She ate some of my Italian wedge salad which we both agreed was delicious and hogged most of the Oreo madness we had for dessert. It's ok though because her daddy and I are trying to be good so we can have our beach bodies ready for vacation. He, as usual, was better than I and did not have any dessert at all.

Afterwards, Summer and her daddy played while I napped. She decided she could do without one, even though she had swimming lessons at 5:00. Around 4:00, I was kind of regretting my decision to not make her nap, but she did awesome at swimming lessons so I guess it was not the worst decision of the day (maybe that was eating dessert). When we arrived at swimming lessons, there were no goggles in the pool room like there always have been. She refused to go under the water without them and we almost left. But, being the supermom that I am, I found some and she happily joined in with what the instructor was telling them to do. When her daddy and I returned to watch the last 5 minutes, she swam all the way across the endless pool doing the stroke they had learned that day. We were so proud of her. Clint is wanting to get her into tennis or golf lessons. Not sure she is up for either, but she verbally said she wanted golf lessons when we gave her the options. There is no telling what she will end up taking, if either. But, I am excited to see what her future brings. I love watching her grow up every day and wouldn't know what to do without her. She's my sunshine!!

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Susie said...

I remember watching Barney with my kids. My granddaughter watched it for a while. She is into watching things on Nick instead. Glad to see that she is doing great at swimming now.