Monday, March 21, 2011

Girls day out

This morning Summer woke up and crept down the stairs like she usually does holding a squirming puppy. Trixie has been sleeping with her more and more the past two weeks. I am hoping there have been no accidents in the bed (from the dog) and so far I have seen no signs of any. I guess she sleeps through the night and holds it. So every morning she is super wound up and ready to go out for a potty break and Summer carries her down to me so I can supervise and dole out treats for pee and poop. I think we are porgressing in the potty training for her; Lexie, on other hand, is a different story. Candy has seemed to lose it's appeal although at times she will request to go in order to get a piece. I hope these doggie treats don't lose their charm too!

After a little snuggling, Summer decided that she wanted to do mosaics with me. When we sat down at the table, she changed her mind and decided she wanted to write the words that go with the pictures on the flashcards we made last week. That seemed like a more educational idea to me anyway, so I went with it. After going through about 6 cards, she was done and ready for breakfast. She ate on a bowl of cereal and then hopped in the shower with me. She washed her own hair and bathed herself. When she got out, she picked out her outfit for the day and then brushed her own hair. I swear she becomes more and more independent every day. I commented to her that one day she won't even need me at all anymore except for kisses and hugs and she smiled and agreed. When her hair was all smoothed out, she looked for a hairbow. The headband she wanted was no where to be found so she went without until we got to the car and she spotted a white headband in the floor. Not the white head band, but one that would do.

We cranked up the "cool car" and headed to meet up with some friends for a playdate at Pump It Up. We also decided we would hit the mall and shop for hairbows. We mentioned getting our nails done too, but we never got around to it. On the way to meet the Lippards, Summer chose Miley Cyrus for our listening pleasure. She really wanted the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, but we couldn't find the tape in the car so she picked something off of her Ipod. We met up with our friends at Barnes & Noble. Summer scored a Justin Bieber puzzle and an oatmeal raisin cookie before we left. As we walked through the mall, we spotted a hairbow stand. Summer picked herself out a metal head band with purple flowers on it. She didn't want any ribbon bows, although several animal print ones caught her eyes. The only other thing she wanted was a comb-type hairbow, but her hair is too fine to hold it at this point. At our next stop, we found some sparkly silver flip-flops that matched the shoes I was wearing. It was kind of a coincidence because she had told me this morning she wanted some shoes like mine. She also spotted some animal print sunglasses, but they were too big. She settled for sparkly, rainbow colored butterfly ones. I hope she wears them because usually she doesn't. If you ask her, she will say she always wears them though. Not true!

We stopped in the food court and Summer chose teriyaki chicken and white rice for lunch. After the kiddos were all fueled up, we headed to Pump It Up. They jumped and bounced and slid. Alicia and I even got in with them for a little while and played some games. We did Ring Around the Rosies which left us all smiling. We tossed balls and played tag. It was lots of fun and good exercise too.

Our playdate continued onto a consignment sale where we found several things we just couldn't pass up. Summer got some new books and movies - Bambi, Pinnochio, E.T., and a few Barbie movies. We didn't find many clothes she couldn't live without, only two shirts and a skirt. Summer wanted to check out the shoes before we left and I agreed even though she has 0% need for any more shoes right now. We got out without getting any toys or shoes which was awesome. Summer was way past ready to leave before we were out the door, but we did eventually make it out and said good-bye to our friends.

She spent her evening riding bikes and playing with her Daddy. She wanted tacos for dinner so I whipped some up and we all ate like pigs. Summer and I had 3 tacos each. We all watched E.T. together before bed. Summer only wanted to watch half, but she ended up making it all the way through it with a brief "bop it" game somewhere during the middle. "Bop it" in our house is played with a blue balloon that has somehow been inflated for months. Summer says how you play is to "keep the balloon up in the air and don't let it touch a thing except the ceiling." She seems to like it more than anyone else does. :)

We ended the day reading two Manners Always Matter books that she picked. They were "Excuse Me" and "Thank You." Wouldn't it be nice if everyone used those words? I left her and Trixie snuggled up in bed and hopefully drifting off into sweet dreams.

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