Friday, March 18, 2011

Get your tickets

Last weekend we took the kids to the Ringling Brother's Barney & Bailey Circus. They had a great time and were dazzled with all of the performances. Their friends, Willow, Harper, Gavin and Nicholas came too and we all sat in the first row of the gold circle - our favorite seats at the arena. The magic tricks were awesome and truly magical. There were some really cool stunts performed by cats and dogs. I think Lexie enjoyed those the best. She did not really care for the loud music and kept her hands on her ears for a lot of the show. Summer's favorite part was the motorcycle with a man and two woman balancing while riding on a tight rope. We managed to get away without buying any souvenirs which disappointed Summer. It is crazy how much they charge for their spinning light-up toys - $20!!! We did bring along the hat she got with her cotton candy at the circus the year before which she wore for part of the show.

The girls will get to attend Barney's birthday bash later this month. The tickets were pricey at $110 for the 4 of us, but I know the girls will really enjoy it. They have both always been big Barney fans although we no longer watch Barney everyday. For a while, Lexie wanted to watch it non-stop, but over the past few months we have definitely seen a drop in her requesting to watch it. We may only get in one or two episodes a week. She still loves toting around the Barney dolls and got a new one today from a bag of toys a little girl gave to Summer. I'm not sure exactly who the girl is, but I think one of her parents might work with my mom. She is 4 years old and has a picture of Summer on her nightstand. My mom told me she prays for Summer every night. She made Summer a card to go with the toys. It was a very sweet gesture and I think I will have Summer write her a thank you card. Maybe one day they will get to meet and play together.

Well, the girls are wanting to get in the hot tub. Oh what little fish they are!

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