Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun and changes

Summer and Lexie went to a tea party birthday party for their friend Karlie last weekend. They had a great time. There were flowery hats, feather boas and lots of jewelry for them to wear while they enjoyed jelly beans, miniature marshmallows, fruit, heart shaped sandwiches and cookies. They sipped on punch and pink lemonade and only one little girl actually asked where the tea was. The girls got to decorate their own little heart shaped cake with icing and sprinkles. They had freshly spun cotton candy which was also a real treat. There was a tea pot shaped pinata full of candy for them to take turns trying to bust open. They left with plenty of goodies in hand. I'm starting to feel like I am taking the easy way out by having Summer's birthday party at a playground, but that is what she has chosen.

We also went to the Discovery Museum over the weekend to enjoy the Western Day they had for preschool age kids. There were saddles to mount and wanted posters to color. In fact, there were so many different crafts to do we didn't even do them all. They had a snack for the kids to make with a slice of bread, green cream cheese, a horse cookie cutter to cut for a slice of American cheese and pretzel sticks. You put all those things together and you've got a horse in a fenced pasture. It was a cute idea. Summer only ate the pretzel sticks, but Lexie ate some of the sandwich too. She absolutely adores cheese, especially "orange cheese" as she calls it. Summer will only eat Colby jack sometimes, but never a slice of American or string cheese. Her eating habits sure do change a lot it seems. Her favorite cereal is strawberry frosted mini-wheats. She loves sausage and biscuits for breakfast. Her favorite pop-tart flavor right now is blueberry. It used to be strawberry. She loves fruit and especially when I hand feed her grapefruit. She has even started eating bananas again recently. A favorite of both girls is blackberries. They will gobble them up in no time. She does not like green beans, or "string beans" as she calls them, anymore. She will still eat broccoli and insists she only likes corn on the cob -- not off. Chili is something she and Lexie both love whether we get it from Wendy's or if I make it myself. She loves the pop-ice kind of Popsicles and blue and green are her favorite colors to eat, followed by red. Lexie always wants yellow. Summer doesn't like the healthy real fruit ones that I buy. She will eat them sometimes, but not often. They taste a lot more fruity in my opinion, but I guess sugary sweet is just as good to kids. She won't hardly eat spaghetti with sauce on it anymore, but will usually eat it plain with Parmesan cheese. She used to eat jarred baby food spaghetti a few times a day, but that was years ago now. She's getting so big and changing more and more every day. Her favorite restaurants are Longhorn and Olive Garden. She prefers Krystal cheeseburgers to any other fast food burger. I could go on and on, obviously. But, that might bore some of you so I'll stop.

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